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April 22, 2008

No. of staff and faculty in attendance: 61

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  • The way it reads, it appears the student allocation runs out after 2010-2011, correct?
  • I know there's inflation built in to these numbers. Has anyone considered putting this money into categories?
  • When was the last year fees were raised? It seems counterintuitive that there was no inflation built into those increases or more recent increases.
  • Will this affect lab fees? How?
  • Isn't it fair to say that the overall cot to students would come down if the lab fees were eliminated?
  • In student forums, has the discussion included the fact that students only pay for 1/3 the cost of their attendance?
  • I'm concerned over the literature provided. Why wasn't athletics listed as an organization that receives IRA funding? Isn't athletics the primary organization that's funded?
  • Is there a summary of other efforts currently in motion to begin offsetting student costs?


  • Yes on a fee increase. It's the right thing to do and it's as good a time as any.
  • We need to be able to open more sections so students can graduate earlier and therefore incur savings. It seems this fee would allow us to do this.
  • It's vital that student organizations that are supported by IRA get additional funds.
  • When I first heard about the proposal, I felt students just can't afford any more additional expenses. Some can't even afford to drive to school. After being here, I agree that students see student loans as long term debts. While $30 doesn't seem like much money, it would be helpful if we could find a way to offset other costs (like books and transportation.)
  • I think this is the best thing to happen to this school since we decided to go Division I. If the president wants students to stay on campus and have some campus pride, there is no better way than through athletics. Athletics can really put Northridge on the map across the country and be the best advertising the university could ever have. We have been under-funded for so ling. It is amazing to see our sports program still be able to compete on a (illegible) level. The sports programs here on campus can generate such a buzz about the school that you will see students wearing Northridge sweatshirts instead of USC or UCLA sweatshirts. I am a coach here on campus and the more I talk to the people across this community, the more I realize how much people do care about this university. The community is ready to support a major sports program if the university is ready to support it!

Encl: Written statement to CSUN Faculty from T. Montano, CFA Chapter President.