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April 21, 2008

No. of students in attendance: 29 students (mostly athletes)

Related to Alternative Consultation Process: None

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  • Why hasn't this passed in the past?


  • I think the elimination of course fees will be a good thing for the majority of students.
  • We athletes are all for it. It will help us hugely in pride and spirit but have trouble trying to convince other students to get behind it and raise our image.
  • Can we take all the money that supports athletics out of A.S.?
  • I'm a Biology major and my lab runs out of materials. Sometimes I can't do my lab assignment because of it. My friends definitely mind the lab fees and wouldn't mind paying for the other things they're getting with this fee.
  • My Sociology Professor is fighting this fee and telling students how we can demonstrate against it.
  • As a student athlete, I must say that we definitely need the money that is being offered because it really does benefit everyone. (4)
  • With this fee, Alumni and supporters from the community would be able to show their support. We work hard to represent our student body and if we had the funds to accommodate them at our games and welcome them with more lights and stands as well as equipment, then they could share the experience with us.
  • As an athlete, I agree with the fee proposal. It will directly benefit athletics, as well as students. The fee is a great proposal and should be supported, so that CSUN can compete with other big schools, both athletically and academically. (2)
  • As a student, the elimination of fees and increased monetary support will help me with the quality of my education. The fee proposal will be beneficial for me and I support it.
  • This money is much needed to boost school spirit and the moral of the campus!
  • This money is very much needed by my sport (2)
  • Thank you to the committee for your support and time. When it comes to being a soccer player, support is highly recommended, whether it be from our teammates, coach, staff, peers or campus committee. We need all we can get, so again, thank you!
  • I am for the fee Proposal! The student body here at CSUN needs to become more knowledgeable of the situation and how this will affect them and our school in a positive way.