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Campus Quality Fee Appendix I.a

Campus Quality Fee Feedback Forum

Associated Students and the USU Board

April 7, 2008


No. of students in attendance: 12-14

Related to Alternative Consultation Process


  • Why are the survey respondents shaping the intent of the proposal? (Cited 1400 respondents to survey as being generally less than number that vote at A.S. elections.)


  • (My) general feeling is that the president has already made her decision. I would prefer that the president just work with AS and the university to make this where it's presentable to students. I don't feel as a member of AS that I can represent this proposal.
  • We feel this should be carried forward as a fee referendum, where the students get to vote on it. (4 times.)

Related to Fee


  • From Multi Impact Analysis Statement: Where is the money that's already being allocated to these projects going to go? Example: What will happen to the university money that is currently being used to subsidize course fees? (Approx. $700,000) Why can't it continue to be used for this purpose in order to keep student fees down?
  • Who will decide where this money is going as what is the plan for accountability?
  • Re Technology: Who decides on how the money will be spent? Need a process for this where students have influence.
  • Won't this have an adverse affect on the diversity of our campus, given that the lowest income students are likely to be of color?
  • How can you justify proposing a fee in a time when students are gearing up to oppose a tuition increase of 10% that will likely be recurring? Why can't we wait until the governor approves the budget? Why now?


  • This should be more transparent.
  • A process should be set for the allocation of these dollars that is made up of and includes student associations.
  • There is a lot of money in that student services fund. I hope students will be involved in allocating it.
  • The $250,000 Student allocation over three years seems like taxation without representation.
  • I don't see why students can't develop and manage the entire fee.
  • The administration should present an allocation request to a student committee for whatever they want to spend this fee money on each year. A.S. would be willing to serve as this entity.
  • The athletics portion of the fee "makes sense.
  • I would like to see some of the Athletic scholarships diverted to general student scholarships.
  • The justifications aren't clear enough in the written proposal. The "why" should be included.
  • This needs to be more specific. What would you spend the money on and how would you go about it? (2 comments of this nature)
  • I don't think the IRA Fee is good on accountability. The net balance should be zero.
  • Intent and accountability should have been built into the front end of this process.
  • The Rec. Center fee was more accountable to students. We want more accountability.
  • A lab fee that's imposed on everyone needs to benefit everyone.
  • The definition of course fees should be more specific and there should be some promise that no new course fees will arise.