Student Affairs

Campus Quality Fee Appendix A


Report on Alternative Consultation

Date: March 14, 2008
To: Student Fee Advisory Board
From: Jolene Koester, President
Subject: Alternative Consultation

As part of the long-term need to stabilize the student fee structure on campus and to ensure that vital programs and activities can continue to receive consistent support in the coming years, I have asked Provost Harry Hellenbrand and Vice President Terry Piper to prepare a fee proposal for campus consideration during April 2008.

I have determined that the use of alternative consultation is a more appropriate way to achieve this goal than a student fee referendum. This decision is based on the consistently low voter turnout we have seen experienced for A.S. elections and referenda. Alternative consultation ensures that students from all aspects of campus life will have an opportunity to participate in decisions regarding fee increases and the use of those fees. And since such actions also impact faculty and staff, it's appropriate to use alternative consultation to solicit their feedback as well.

As a first step in the alternative consultation process I am seeking your comments and suggestions on the following proposed consultation strategies. Please submit your feedback to . In order to ensure a transparent and meaningful consultation process, I propose the following forums be conducted by Drs. Hellenbrand and Piper during the month of April:

  1. Associate Students Board of Directors with the University Student Union Board of Directors
  2. Presidents or representatives from chartered student clubs and organizations
  3. Students engaged in instructionally related activities
  4. Educational Opportunities Program participants
  5. Two open forums for the general student body
  6. One open forum for faculty and staff
  7. Provost's Council and Council of Department Chairs

We will also host a web site to collect individual feedback. Please provide your feedback on the above strategy by March 19, 2008.

Additionally, I am also requesting that the Student Fee Advisory Board meet on March 24 to review the fee information pamphlet (voter pamphlet if a referendum was occurring). I would like to will publicly announce the fee proposal on April 1.

Lastly, I ask that the Board meet on or before May 7 to review the alternative consultation report. I would like to receive Please submit your advisory recommendation(s) to me by May 9.

This accelerated schedule has been established so that we can complete this process prior to the end of spring semester. Your willingness to accomplish this work within this time frame is deeply appreciated.

cc: Harry Hellenbrand, Terry Piper

  • Sharon Eichten (chair)
  • Maria Atikyan
  • Josh Hansen
  • Adam Haverstock
  • Julia Heinen
  • Estelle Hekkers
  • Patrick Hogg
  • Ken Oden
  • Amanda Perry
  • Alex Ross
  • Lili Vidal