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Campus Quality Fee Allocation Student Preference Survey Exhibit C

Fee Allocation & Accountability Process

November 7, 2008

Exhibit C

The chart below links together the Campus Quality Fee funding proposals with the funding options that were presented on the preference survey. Not all listed associated proposals were funded; a list of funded proposals is provided under the 2008-2009 Allocations tab.

The preference survey asked students to indicate in priority order the manner in which they thought the funds should be spent. The funding options were developed from the proposals rather than asking student to evaluate each proposal. The number in front of each funding options reflects the students' rank order of priority.

The section headings, e.g., Technology & Technological Applications, were also derived from the proposals. They are primarily ways of organizing the proposals. The preference survey did, however, ask students to rank order the categories based on the relative importance of the category in terms of improving the quality of their campus experience. The sections appear in the order of importance to the students.

Campus Quality Fee Allocation Priorities and Proposals

Fall 2008


Technology & Technological Applications Funding OptionsAssociated ProposalExpenditure ItemsOneTime ExpendituresPermanent Expenditures
1Expand Access to open computer labsUSU Lab ExpansionComputers$89,091.00 
   Equp & Software$41,550.00 
   Relocation   $1,950.00 
   Misc   $3,450.00 
  Update Library ComputersComputers$130,000.00 
   Laptops  $24,000.00 
2Upgrade & Expand WirelessExternal & Non-StateUpgrade$146,170.00$7,310.00
  External & Non-StateExpand$138,000.00$6,900.00
  State Owned OnlyUpgrade$140,900.00$8,700.00
3Help Desk HoursVariousStaffing $20,000.00 - $80,000.00
4Interactive Campus Map Development$15,000.00 
5iCSUN Various $35,000.00
Academic Support Service Funding OptionsAssociated ProposalExpenditure ItemsOneTime ExpendituresPermanent Expenditures
1Increase Avaibility of Peer Tutors, Mentors & AdvisorsAthlete Academic Enhacement(supplements NCAA Grant)Mentors $3,000.00 
   Tutors $7,500.00 
   Instructors    $600.00 
   Speakers    $800.00 
  Academic TutorsVarious Locations$25,500.00 
  Peer AdvisiorsVarious Locations$35,900.00 
  Res. Hall Acad MentorsMentors$36,000.00 
   O & E  $4,000.00 
  ARC Peer Advisor MentorTraining  $2,100.00 
2Upgrade existing Academic Department Labs & Lab ResourcesPsychologyVarious $49,720.00
   Faculty Retreat$5,000.00 
  Rec & TourismCastaic Lake Courses $9,100.00
  Biological SciencesField Instruction $115,000.00
   Travel & Living Exp $20,000.00
  BusinessVarious $73,120.00
3Academic Skill Development & Programs and ActivitiesDarwin weekVarious$44,700.00 
  Athlete Life SkillsVarious$13,400.00 
  EOP Major FairVarious  $6,000.00 
  ARC Explore WorkshopLaptops  $6,000.00 
   Materials  $2,800.00 
  ARC Discovery! ProgramCareer Assess  $1,400.00 
   Laptop & Projector  $1,600.00 
   Materials  $1,500.00 
4Supplemental InstructionVariousTA's$28,000.00 
Library Enhancement Funding OptionsAssociated ProposalExpenditure ItemsOneTime ExpendituresPermanent Expenditures
1Student Lounge Long Chairs$14,400.00 
   Tables  $3,000.00 
   End Tables  $3,600.00 
   Shelving $6,000.00 
2E-books & research Technology$25,000.00 
3Final Exams 24 hour access Student Wages$11,760.00 
   Supervisior Overtime  $5,500.00 
Service Enhancements Funding OptionsAssociated ProposalExpenditure ItemsOneTime ExpendituresPermanent Expenditures
1Incease the Quality of Free Printing PaperUnknown 
2Improve Advisement Center's Access Services, Communication trough Tech.Advisior TracSoftware$3,885.00 
  Support FeeAnnual $699.00
3Expand Access to Career & Employment ServicesSymplicityLicense fees $21,500.00
4Customer Service Specialist Personnel $74,000.00
Miscellaneous Funding OptionsAssociated ProposalExpenditure ItemsOneTime ExpendituresPermanent Expenditures
1HHD Exploring Career Oppt Peer Mentors $14,400.00
   GAs $10,00.00
   Supplies & Material $3,000.00
   Field Trips $2,000.00
2GE Honors Std Recruiters$6,000.00 
3Retention Think Tanks  $23,000.00 
4Retention Project Competition   $20,000.00
5Social Networking Development$50,000.00 
6CSUN Exchange Development$50,000.00 
7Cross-Cultural Center Personnel $80,000.00
   Space Rental $17,200.00
   O&E $31,000.00
8iPhone Software Development$70,000.00 
   iPhone$145,000.00 - $1,245,000.00 

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