Student Affairs

Approved Allocations 2019-2020

2019-20 Campus Quality Fee Funded Proposals
Title Student Svcs Technology
Access to tutors and mentors to improve academic course performance and skills such as writing, research, and math.
Student Success Through Tutoring and Mentoring $48,384 $0
Co-curricular Support for Student Success in Business and Economics Courses $197,608 $0
Mathematics Tutoring Center: An Essential Learning Environment to Promote Student Success $99,000 $0
Science-Specific Peer-Learning Facilitators and Tutoring $200,808 $0
College of Science and Math SSC/EOP Tutoring Services $10,925 $0
Peer Student Report Editor $13,338 $0
Faciliated Academic Workshop (FAW) $40,651 $0
Family and Consumer Sciences Peer Learning Community $39,241 $0
Peer Learning Facilitators for Kinesiology Exercise Physiology Courses $61,254 $0
Marking 50 Years of Writing and Tutoring Support in Chicano Studies $46,170 $0
Philosophy Tutoring Program $11,856 $0
Bridge Program for Incoming Anthropology Students: Freshmen and Transfer Student Success $2,736 $0
Statistics, Methods and Writing Tutoring Center $21,060 $0
Access to mentoring and advising to support personal, financial, academic and career success.
The EOP DREAM Center: Providing Innovative Support Services for the Changing Needs of Students Impacted by Undocumented Immigration $208,034 $0
Promoting Student Success for First Generation College Students $30,420 $0
Matador Achievement Center Tutorial Support $45,000 $0
CSUN VITA Clinic $17,081 $0
Student Health Professionals Pre-Entry Program (SHP-PEP) $10,260 $0
Peer Mentors for ECS Student Services Center $15,325 $0
Peer Financial Mentoring Program $29,592 $0
The Asian American Studies Pathways Project and Student-Initiated Support Services for AA&PI Students at CSUN $46,134 $0
Revolutionary Scholars Project $29,700 $0
African American/Black Student Success Initiative $45,540 $0
Access to mentoring and advising to support personal, financial, academic and career success (continued)
Black House Cultural and Academic Enrichment Center 2019-2020 $47,177 $0
Center for Achievement in Psychological Science $27,090 $0
Minority Male Mentoring (M3) Program $27,900 $0
Supervised access to academic lab spaces to provide safe use of equipment, tech support, and/or extended lab hours
Graduate & Undergraduate ISA Staffing for Instructional Labs in the Department of Art $38,016 $0
MCCAMC Student Technology Assistants/Tutors $45,900 $0
MCCAMC Student Tutors/Resource Supervisors $45,900 $0
Technology Support for Music Composition Recitals and Workshops $7,125 $0
Peer Students Assisting Students $16,416 $0
CECS Peer Lab Student Assistants and Extended Lab Hours $94,500 $0
Humanities Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Lab $29,700 $0
Laboratory Assistants to Increase Accessibility and Ensure Safety for MSEM Students $20,736 $0
Support for Trained Laboratory Assistants to Increase Materials Laboratories Accessibility for Engineering Students $26,964 $0
Computer Resources for Support of Oncampus, Online and Hybrid Activities in the College of Science and Mathematics $41,400 $0
Access to library collection and resources, including material in digital & streaming video format, course textbooks, iPad check-out, and extended hours.
Library Creative Media Studio Hardware and Software Refresh $0 $53,055
Library Creative Media Studio Design Tools $0 $40,500
Library Second Floor Expanded Student Study Space $230,400 $0
Library Technology Services Laptop/Tablet Refresh $0 $48,600
Library Technology Services Mobile Hot Spot Lending and Expansion $0 $4,750
Oviatt Library Extended Hours During Finals $38,820 $0
Reserve Textbook Project $27,000 $0
Streaming video $0 $21,870
  $296,220 $168,775
Access to career and academic pathways exploration and guidance, and development of employment opportunities.
Informational Workshops for Student Success $12,995 $0
Puente: A Bridge to Graduation and Allied Health Careers $11,875 $0
IT Portfolium Student Ambassadors Extension $67,500 $0
Soft Skills Immersive Learning Experience $11,493 $0
Career Connect $37,827 $0
Access to mental health/personal counseling services, nutrition and sustainability education, and sexual ssault and safety training resources.
Growing Good Food for All: Planting Seeds to Meet Basic Needs $13,794 $0
Project DATE - Preventing Rape and Sexual Assault $40,984 $0
Educating Matadors to Wellness! $32,936 $0
SNACK on Innovation $29,700 $0
Wellness Garden and Products $27,315 $0
Enhancing Mental Health $115,830 $0
Peers 2 Peers Coordination $59,846 $0
Access to online academic lectures and tutorials, including lecture capture &
Adobe Creative Cloud $0 $63,000
DNCBE SSC/EOP Video Workshops $18,751 $0
Improving Student Skills through Virtual Interactions $20,250 $0
Automated Transcribing for Instructional Captioning $19,494 $0
IT and SA Beacons: Here & Now Engagement $0 $18,367
IT Lecture Capture Extension $0 $115,056
IT Extension $0 $114,300
IT myCSUNsoftware Extension $0 $164,700
Access to information about campus resources, services, events, news and information through social media, video displays, print and electronic publications.
Access and innovation in practical news production $61,200 $0
Valley View News Executive Producer $5,472 $0
myMatador Scholarships Portal Centralization Project $0 $23,814
Student Communication Campus Quality Fee Proposal $33,818 $0
Improving student wireless network in outside spaces.
IT Parking Structure Wi-Fi Enhancement $0 $271,800
Support for IT Help Center, mobile applications, student portal and enhanced information security.
IT Chat Support Extension $0 $37,440
IT Multi-Factor Authentication for Students $0 $31,500
IT Student Mobile App and Portal Enhancements Extension $0 $212,238
IT University Chatbot Platform $0 $38,705
Creating/renovating student gathering areas: Interior and exterior seating, tables and furnishings.
Picnic Tables for Botanic Garden $2,717 $0
Renovation of Academic and Academic Support Spaces
Library Learning Commons Student Study Space $42,300 $0
Support for instructional activities including equipment purchase.
Student Support: American Sign Language Skills Cloud-Based Video Feedback Platform $0 $17,095
MATLAB for Students to Use on Personal Machines and Expanded Access to Toolboxes $0 $27,000
Simulation in Healthcare Audiovisual Equipment $0 $22,500
Technology Cart for the Department of Nursing $0 $15,722
Soraya SPACE $21,379 $0
HIP (Housing Instability Project) Case Management Partnership $21,528 $0