Student Affairs

Approved Allocations 2015-2016

Approved Allocations for Student Services and Technology
Title Student Services Technology
Peer Learning Community in Health and Human Development $88,000  
Writing skills and professional coaching for children's social workers $12,000  
L2 Tutoring for enhanced language acquisition and students' success $50,120  
Statistics and Writing Tutoring Lab $36,094  
Facilitated Academic Workshop (FAW) $34,020  
Literacy Education in the CHS Writing and Tutoring Center: A Social Justice Approach to Tutoring and Teaching Writing $43,200  
Peer Mentoring for Laboratory Report and Technical Writing $13,500  
Science-Specific Peer-learning Facilitators and Tutoring $202,836  
Peer Student Report Editor $14,040  
Mathematics Tutoring Center: An Essential Learning Environment to Promote Student Success $100,000  
College of Science and Math SSC/EOP Tutoring Services $15,950  
Co-curricular Support for Student Success in Business and Economics Courses $199,604  
Creating a Learning Community: Tutoring and Mentoring Students with Lifelong Skills $40,060  
Graduate Assistant for Sports Performance $18,000  
Advising Mentoring Educational Project $4,400  
Student Athlete Academic Support $50,000  
Student Health Professionals Pre-Entry Program Support $6,454  
Bridge Program for Anthropology Transfer Student Success $7,520  
Theatre Research as Practice LAB: Next Step--Building Interdisciplinary Curriculum $11,967  
Continuation of N Reach Student Mentoring and Advisement Initiative $47,200  
Peer Advisor Mentor Component for First Time Freshman $66,500  
The Early Warning System (TEWS) $105,100  
Humanities Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Lab $86,910  
MCCAMC Student Technology Assistants   $48,960
Laboratory assistants to increase accessibility and ensure safety for engineering students   $20,100
MCCAMC Student Tutors/Resource Supervisors $51,000  
Students Assisting Students $17,280  
Support for Trained Laboratory Assistants to Increase Laboratories Accessibility for Engineering Students   $26,600
GA & ISA Staffing for Instructional Labs in the Department of Art $42,000  
CECS Peer Lab Assistants and Extended Lab Hours   $118,800
Additional Hours of Service for National Center of Deafness Library $15,840  
Creative Media Studio Equipment & Software   $13,139
Reserve Textbook Project $30,500  
Digitization of the CSUN Master's Thesis Print Collection - Phase III (2010-2011)   $29,800
Oviatt Library Extended Hours During Finals $68,965  
Streaming Video Collection   $36,000
Library Scanning   $35,876
Career Graduate Intern Component $54,496  
First Time Freshman Explore Workshop $7,800  
Multimedia Career Project $38,513  
The N Crowd: A Student Leadership Support and Stewardship Program $28,200  
Job Development $60,094  
Career/Academic Planning for Deaf Students 2015-2016 $18,800  
The Peer Financial Mentoring Program $38,064  
MAJORS FAIR $2,800  
Peers 2 Peers Coordination $66,495  
Enhancing Mental Health $125,840  
Enhance Performance through Nutritional Assessment Svcs. to the CSUN Student-Athletes $26,800  
Project DATE - Preventing Rape and Sexual Assault $41,435  
Student Nutrition and Cooking Knowledge (SNACK) Live $27,800  
Scholarship Technician $32,400  
Scholarship Software Hosting Service $17,999  
IT   $89,679
Lecture Capture and Echo 360-supporting learning 24/7   $8,320
IT Lecture Capture   $140,500
Expanded student publication experience $78,000  
Student Communication Coordination $46,325  
Increasing Reading, Writing and Research Success Using Technology   $16,257
IT ePortfolios   $100,000
IT myCSUNsoftware   $120,000
Portable solar charging trees   $64,200
IT Wi-Fi Expansion of Outdoor Spaces   $379,000
IT Student Mobile App and Portal Enhancements   $162,000
IT Mobile App Generation   $106,600
IT Chat Support   $38,400
Library Apple and Microsoft Laptop Lending   $22,098
VPAC Student Engagement Project $21,411  
Student Friendly Santa Susana/Courtyard Redesign $17,159  
Juniper Hall Courtyard Renovation Phase II - Creating a Space for Student Engagement $87,282  
Portable solar charging trees   $64,200
Campus Tables, Seating and Benches Projects $250,000  
Video Recorders for Family Therapy and Counseling   $4,856
Computer Resources for Support of On-campus, Online and Hybrid Activities in the College of Science and Mathematics   $32,000
PLC based Automation and Control Laboratory at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department   $23,500
Portable iPad Bank (PiB)   $28,531
Additive Manufacturing: Industry-needed Skill   $20,435
Enhancement of senior year laboratory experiments and development of new senior design projects   $30,661
Bioengineering Student Research Incubator - "Phase Three" $21,750  
Recycling Bins for Campus Buildings $68,150  
DREAM Project $98,600  
Safety Gate for North Field $11,204  
Expanded Bike Racks: Eucalyptus, Nordhoff and Jacaranda $40,000  
Skateboard Racks $15,260  
Totals: $2,831,737 $1,780,512
Grand Total: $4,612,249