Student Affairs

Approved Allocations 2009-2010 Appendix B

E-mail Invitation

To: Cal State Northridge Students
From: Terry D. Piper, Vice President for Student Affairs
Subject: How Would You Spend $2.25 Million

I'm serious – how would you spend $2,250,000 in student fee money?

Where'd the money come from?

From you, the students, in the form of the Campus Quality Fee.

Say what?

Each student pays the Campus Quality Fee each semester ($30 summer, $65 fall, $80 spring).


The fee was created so that there would be money to improve the quality of your experience at CSUN.

Like what?

Technology improvements, facility improvements, more academic support services, improve activities and events, etc.

Who decides?

Ultimately the University President based upon recommendations made to her by the Student Fee Advisory Committee and the University Budget and Planning CommitteeBASED UPON STUDENT INPUT.

Input on what?

On the proposals submitted for funding from the Campus Quality Fee.


Click the link below and you will be able to indicate which of the funding ideas you think would be the best way to improve CSUN for YOU.