Student Affairs

AGGA: Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty

What kinds of complaints fall under the scope of these procedures?

These procedures allow students to file complaints about academic decisions or final course grades issued by instructional faculty.

What is the deadline for filing a complaint?

Complaints must be filed within one semester after the disputed academic decision was made or course grade issued. For example, complaints about issues arising during Fall semester must be filed before the end of the following Spring semester.

What must a student do before filing a complaint?

A student’s complaint will not be accepted for processing by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs unless he/she indicates that an attempt has been made to discuss the matter with the instructor. Complaints that are not timely or correctly filed are returned to students without processing.

What actions must I take upon receipt of a complaint from Student Affairs?

You will receive the Student Complaint Form, which describes the student’s complaint. Read it carefully. You will also receive the Faculty Response to Student Complaint Form, which indicates the information that you must submit in response to the complaint. Your response must be received in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs no later than 10 academic days after you have received the complaint.

Where should my response be filed?

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
University Hall 310
Mail Drop Code: 8239

What happens to the complaint after my response is received?

Your response will be forwarded to the student who filed the complaint. The student will be given 10 academic days to accept your response or request that the complaint be forwarded to the college dean for review. Should the matter be referred to the dean, both you and the department chair will be notified.

What should I do if I cannot respond in a timely manner?

The newly adopted procedures call for strict adherence to timelines by all parties. If you believe you will not be able to respond to the complaint within 10 academic days, contact the Dean of Students at Ext. 2391.

How can I get assistance with my questions about the filing and processing of a complaint?

Staff in the Office of the Vice President are available to assist you at (818) 677-2391.

Rev. 12/2010