Student Affairs

Adoption Letter

May 20, 2008

To the Campus Community:

I have reviewed the Campus Quality Fee Report on Alternative Consultation provided by Vice President Terry Piper and Provost Harry Hellenbrand (dated May 7, 2008), and the memo from the Student Fee Advisory Committee (dated May 9, 2008) recommending approval of the Campus Quality Fee.

After careful review and consideration I have approved the proposed fee as described in the Campus Quality Fee proposal. The fee will be effective Fall 2008.

My review includes consideration of feedback from all areas of the University, obtained through forums and other meetings with students, faculty, and staff; online feedback collected through the Campus Quality Fee website; actions such as the Faculty Senate Resolution in support of the Campus Quality Fee proposal; and other submitted input.

The Campus Quality Fee will enhance the learning experiences of students on campus. The implementation of the Campus Quality Fee will provide for:

  • the elimination of course-specific fees;
  • funding to maintain currency in technology;
  • more funding for instructionally related activities (contingent upon conversations with Associated Students);
  • increased availability of student support services; and
  • stabilized and appropriate funding for intercollegiate athletics.

As noted by members of the campus community, implementation of the Campus Quality Fee necessitates ongoing consultation and a mechanism for accountability. Consultation will proceed through the campus governance structure in tandem with the campus planning and budgeting process. An annual accountability report of receipts and expenditures will be provided to the Student Fee Advisory Committee, with copies to the Educational Resources Committee and to the University Planning and Budget Group.

We are beginning now to develop a plan to implement the fee and its positive consequences for the quality of the student experience here at California State University, Northridge.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this campus-wide consultation.

Jolene Koester