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2009–2010 Fee Proposal Student Feedback Survey Analysis

Solicitation of Proposals

On February 3, 2009 a call for Campus Quality Fee funding proposals was announced via e-mail to the Student Affairs Management Council, Associated Students President Miguel Segura, CSUN President's Cabinet, and the Provost Council. The recipients were asked to distribute the message widely. The message contained a web link to the Campus Quality Fee funding proposal guidelines and on-line submission form. Also announced was the submission deadline of February 18, 2009.

A total of 85 proposals were submitted. A list of the proposals is provided in Appendix A. Eight (8) proposals were identified as not meeting Campus Quality Fee criteria and eliminated from further consideration. They are designated an asterisk (*) in Appendix A.

Student Feedback

A survey was designed to solicit student feedback on the functional intent of the proposals. With minor exception specific proposals were not presented for student feedback in order to reduce the impression of “voting” for specific proposals. The proposals that were presented for direct student feedback could not easily be incorporated in broader categories for feedback.

The survey was administered through StudentVoice, a web-based assessment tool. An email inviting participation was sent to all enrolled students on March 9, 2009 (Appendix B). The email included a web link to the actual survey. A total of 2149 students responded, approximately a 6% response rate, providing a confidence level of 95% plus or minus 3%.

Tables 1-4 provide demographics comparisons of respondents with the population as of fall 2008.

Table 1. Class Standing by Percentage

Class Standing by Percentage Based on Student Category
 RespondentsFall 2008

Table 2. Race by Percentage

Race by Percentage
 RespondentsFall 2008
African American6.58.3
American Indian.5.40
Pacific Islander1.84.0

Table 3. Gender by Percentage

Gender by Percentage
 RespondentsFall 2008

Table 4. College of Enrollment by Percentage

College of Enrollment by Percentage
 RespondentsFall 2008
Arts, Media, Communications17.814.1
Business and Economics16.219.1
Engineering and Computer Sci.8.06.6
Health & Human Development13.612.8
Social & Behavioral Sciences18.816.0
Science and Mathematics8.26.9


The demographic comparison reveals that the respondents accurately reflect the composition of the student body on the basis of gender; freshmen are underrepresented while juniors are overrepresented; international , Latino, and Pacific Islander students are underrepresented while Caucasian and multi-racial /other are overrepresented. The colleges of AMC, Education, Engineering and Computer Science, and Social & Behavioral Sciences are overrepresented while Business and Economics is underrepresented. [Note: a difference equal to or greater than 1.9% was use to categorize under- or over-representation.]

Appendix C presents the survey data by frequency and percentage. Table 5 presents the survey items in rank order of funding importance. The column labeled Definitely Fund-Most Important represents the percentage of respondents who selected that response option. Definitely Fund-Most Important was selected more frequently than any other response option for each of the items. The column labeled Definitely and Probably Fund represents the percentage of respondents who selected either Definitely Fund-Most Important or Probably Fund-Somewhat Important. Items in this column that do not have a corresponding entry into the Definitely Fund column indicates that the response item selected most frequently was other than Definitely Fund-Most Important

Table 5. Items Ranked by Funding Importance

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ItemDefinitelyDefinitely & Probably Fund
Q11. Complete wireless computer enhancements6289.1
Q33. Library final week hours 24/757.180.2
Q41. Scholarship directories56.487.5
Q6. Workshops/activities to support graduation51.884.5
Q5. Make advisement appt on line45.977.9
Q12. Continue computer lab update/refresh44.883.9
Q21. Expand and enhance recycling42.575.9
Q14. Expand computer lab hours41.875.9
Q28. Stress Management and relaxation services40.473.2
Q38. Improve writing skills40.577.6
Q15. Upgrade course/depart. specific technology & labs39.778.7
Q37. Availability of tutors39.779.2
Q18. Expand Library collection39.678.1
Q10. Create seating areas interior to buildings39.471.0
Q7. Additional Study Space in the Library38.467.3
Q20. Funding for course related material38.474.3
Q27. Access to psychological & MH services38.376.1
Q16. Upgrade portal to web 2.03771.6
Q9. Outdoor gathering places36.367.7
Q29. Career on-line resources/inventories34.267.7
Q26. Reduce admission for music/theater dept events29.257.0
Q22. Student participation in sustainability projects 67.9
Q24. Service Learning & Civic Engagement Data Base 67.1
Q23. Clubs and Orgs Communication Portal\ 63.7
Q31. Promote diversity in and access to health care 60.0
Q36. Community College student transition 59.7
Q35. Transfer student success strategies 57.9
Q2. Training for staff mentors 57.9
Q17. Online tutors for technology 56.2
Q8. Refurbish group study rooms in Library 55.5
Q25. Innovative marketing 55.3
Q4. Major Fair 55.3
Q40. On line calculus resource center 55.2
Q1. Employ additional peer advisors 54.9
Q3. Live chat for real-time advisement 52.6


Relationship of Proposals to Survey Items

The survey items were developed from the proposals. In an effort to avoid, as much as possible, a perception that respondents were “voting” on specific proposals only the intent or subject of the proposal was included. Proposals with common intent or subject were combined for the purpose of creating survey items. Table 6 displays the survey items in rank order of funding importance with the associated proposals.

Table 6. Items in Ranked Order by Funding Importance with Associated Proposals

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Survey ItemAssociated Proposals
Q11. Complete wireless computer enhancementsHousing Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade
Q33. Library final week hours 24/724 Hours Library Access for 7days during Final Exams
Q41. Scholarship directoriesHHD Online Directory of College Based Scholarships
Q6. Workshops/activities to support graduationHHD 90+ Student Exit Workshops
Q5. Make advisement appt on lineOnline Appointment Setting for Academic Advising
Q12. Continue computer lab update/refreshLibrary Student Computer Refresh
Q21. Expand and enhance recyclingRecycling Program in Sierra Hall
Q14. Expand computer lab hoursCECS Common Computer Lab
 Graduate Assistant for Technology Lab (Music)
 CAD CAM & Manufacturing Lab Access for Students
 Equal Instructional & Lab Support (Art)
 Student Facilities Access (CTVA)
Q38. Improve writing skills"Do you speak Text?"
 Enhancing Writing Skills and Student Success with an Online
Training and Testing Module for Avoiding Plagiarism (CSM)
 WRAD Mentor Program
 Professional Writing Support Services and Tutoring Services (CoBEA)
Q28. Stress Management and relaxation servicesEncouraging More Relaxation and Less Stress for CSUN Students
Q15. Upgrade course/department specific technology & labsAfter Class Computer Resources for Support of Online and
Hybrid Activities in the College of Science and Mathematics
 Upgrade of Computers and Keyboards in Music Technology Lab
Q437. Availability of tutorsEstablishing a Central Tutoring Center in CSM
 Facilitated Academic W0rkshops for High Percentage D-U-F Courses (CECS)
 Student-Athlete Academic Support Program
 Peer Learning Assistants to Support Undergraduate Students (CECS)
 Increasing Graduation Rates through Effective Academic Advisement and Facilitated Study Sessions (CSM)
 CSUN Student Mentors for High School Robotics Program (CECS)
Q18. Expand Library collectionSupporting the Library's Collection
 Videotape Replacement
Q10. Create seating areas interior to buildingsCorridor and Hallway Refurbishing – 2nd Floor Sierra Hall
 College Student Facilities Enhancement Project (AMC)
Q7. Additional Study Space in the LibraryCourse Reserve Study Space and Periodicals Lounge (Library)
Q20. Funding for course related materialFlip Cameras for the Classroom (Theater)
 Psychology Curricular Infrastructure
 Music Reading Sessions and Recording of Student Compositions
 CSUN Chamber Opera
 Music Artist Residencies
 Safety Equipment for Aquatic Center
 Captioning Equipment for Deaf and hard of Hearing Student Access
Q27. Access to psychological & MH servicesEnhancing Mental Health Services
Q16. Upgrade portal to web 2.0Student myNorthridge Portal Enhancement
Q9. Outdoor gathering placesMatador Spirit Plaza
 USU North Quad Student Gathering Place
 Cleary Courtyard
Q29. Career on-line resources/ inventoriesStrengths Identification & Deployment Lessons
 Discovery! Program
 Career/Academic Planning for Deaf Students
Q26. Reduce admission for music/theater dept eventsPlaza del Sol Ticket Pilot Project
 Free Music Department Sponsored Concerts for All CSUN Students
Q22. Student participation in sustainability projectsSustainability Initiatives
 Renewable Energy Projects-Chats HS Small Learning Community
Q24. Service Learning & Civic Engagement Data BaseCommunity Engagement Database
Q23. Clubs and Orgs communication portalClubs and Organizations Technology: Org Sync
Q31. Promote diversity in and access to health careValue Added and Validated: Sustaining SHP-PEP
Q36. Community College student transitionCollege Ambassadors for Transfer Students
 Transitioning the CSUN (Matadors) Way!
 GE Honors Outreach Team
Q35. Transfer student success strategiesSmoothing Transfer Transition through Gateway Courses
 USB Memory Stick for FTF and FTT
 Student Life Flash Drive
Q2. Training for staff mentorsStaff mentor Training Project: College Student Service Centers/EOP
Q17. Online tutorials for technologyOnline Self Help Resources
Q8. Refurbish group study rooms in LibraryStudent Group Study Room Refurbishment
Q25. Innovative marketingStudent Outreach (Career Center)
Q4. Major FairMajors Fair
Q40. On line calculus resource centerOnline Calculus Resources for Students and Faculty
Q1. Employ additional peer advisorsPeer Advisors (AMC)
 Peer Undergraduate Advisors (Anthropology)
Q 3. Live chat for real-time advisementAsk Matty Chatrooms


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