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    U100: The Freshman Seminar

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How to Apply to Teach U100

Teach University U100: Academic Year 2022-2023

APPLICATION DEADLINE: THURSDAY, MARCH 24 AT 4 P.M. (note: this a firm deadline; no materials will be accepted late)

Links to the position announcements for the four different U100 instructor pools:

Information about UNIV 396A: Transfer Success Seminar

Application Instructions:

  • See position announcements for electronic submission instructions. Please do not email your application materials.
  • If you are applying to teach both U100 and U396A:
    • Resume/CV
      • Submit one to either submission link
    • Letter of Intent
      • Submit one that clearly addresses all of the details specified in all of the relevant position announcements.
      • Submit to either submission link
    • Reflections
      • Submit two, one for each course
    • Professional Recommendations
      • Submit two, total
  • New AFYE applicants (or those who have not applied or taught an AFYE course within the last 5 years)
    • Submit a complete application (see position announcement for details)
  • Recent AFYE applicants (those who have taught or applied to teach an AFYE course within the last 5 years)
    • Resume/CV
      • This is only required if the resume/CV in our files is older than 5 years or if there have been updates you would like us to have.
    • Letter of Intent
      • If you are applying to teach a in a pool you have been a part of in the last 5 years, your letter of intent only needs to state which pool(s) you are applying to.
      • If you are applying to a pool you have never been in, your letter of intent must address all of the details specified in the relevant position announcement(s).
    • Reflection
      • Submit your reflection, as described in the position announcement.
    • Professional Recommendations
      • Not required. However, if you would like to replace one or more of your previous recommendations, please send a written request to Academic First Year Experiences and specify which recommendation(s) you would like to replace and who the new recommendation(s) will come from.
  • Current CSUN tenured/tenure-track faculty: The professional recommendations referred to in the position announcements are not required as part of your application; all other application components are required.
  • Professional Recommendation Form

For further information, email Kim Henige, Director of Academic First Year Experiences or contact Kelly Kroeker by email or at 818-677-6535

Thank you for your interest in University 100.

U100 Faculty

Fall 2021 U100 Faculty

  • Ashena, Sherilyn
  • Batiste. Lashandra
  • Battle, Conchita
  • Bennett, Anthony
  • Bluestein. Stephanie
  • Bonfiglio, Kim
  • Brusasco, Joyce Marie
  • Cunanan, Ron
  • Darin, Carolyn
  • DeGuzman, Liezel
  • Ewing, September
  • Fabricant, Autumn
  • Givertz, Catherine
  • Guevara, Monicka
  • Hernandez, Andrea
  • Kim, Joo
  • Lim, Sharon
  • Lim, Stephanie
  • McGuire, Gigi
  • Mercado, Debbi
  • Mora, Peter
  • Norwood, Amber
  • Quiambao, Gretchelle
  • Quintero Perez, Marlen
  • Reinig, Matt
  • Riccomini, Lisa
  • Riegos-Olmos, Elizabeth
  • Robinson, Janice
  • Rowley, Keli
  • Sanchez, Freddie
  • Schlosser, Julia
  • Sevilla, Carolina
  • Sosner, Jeff
  • Tang, Derek
  • Taylor, Curtis
  • Villanueva, Marvin

Spring 2022 U100 Faculty

  • Battle, Conchita
  • Fabricant, Autumn
  • Riccomini, Lisa

U100 Steering Committee

The University 100 Steering Committee manages and monitors the course, assists in its continuing development, and helps design professional development for new and continuing faculty members teaching the course.

Committee Members

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