Student Success Seminars

  • U100

U100 Freshman Seminar (3 units) 

In this course, first year freshmen learn and practice the skills necessary for success in college, life, and their career.

Topics include community-based learning, ethical decision-making, information competence and literacy, goal setting, self-discovery, learning skills, time management, health and safety, and holistic wellness. Students learn about key resources and policies on campus through on-site visits and in-class presentations.

Students will also have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of belonging at CSUN by forming connections and relationships with classmates, the campus, and members of the campus community. The class includes frequent writing assignments, reflection, and learner-centered activities and discussions. (Available for General Education, Lifelong Learning.) (IC)


U100 Freshman Seminar Fall 2022

Freshman Connections

Other Cohorts

For more information about these classes and how to register, please contact your advisor at the Matador Advising Hub.

Black Excellence
Bridge to the Future: Black Matadors Rise
Bridge to the Future: Canoga Park High School
Department of Criminology & Justice Studies (CJS)
FreshStart- EOP
First-Year Experiences (housing)
GE Honors
General (these sections are open to all new freshmen)
NCOD / Deaf Studies



The Marino J. Riccomini Family Scholarships

Spring 2022 application deadline: Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Apply through myMatador Scholarships and enter the keyword: Riccomini.

Application requirements

  • You must have successfully completed University 100 in the semester that ends just before the deadline.
  • You must complete the FAFSA or CADAA to demonstrate that you have unmet financial need. For more about this process, go to the CSUN Financial Aid & Scholarship Department website.
  • Your cumulative CSUN grade point average must be 3.0 or higher.
  • You must compose a short essay that responds to this prompt (no more than 250 words, total):
    • The goal of University 100 is to teach you strategies that will help you succeed in your pursuit of a college degree and in life beyond graduation. Choose the most meaningful tip, strategy, or information you learned in U100. Then, compose a short essay response (no more than 250 words) using examples and specifics to:
      • Identify and describe the most important thing you learned.
      • Explain how this information is helping you to succeed at CSUN.
      • Explain how you expect this information will help you in your life beyond graduation.
  • You need a confidential, written recommendation of support from your U100 professor.
    • The recommendation should be brief and address the question: "What specific insights or examples can you offer from the student’s performance in your class to illustrate their desire to succeed in their academic career?" The recommendation must be submitted using CSUN's online scholarship application system.
    • When you submit your application, you will be asked to submit the name and email address of your U100 professor, which will give them access to the system.
    • Important: be sure to give your professor enough notice to meet the application deadline; at least two weeks' notice is recommended.
  • To apply for this scholarship and submit all application materials, go to matador Scholarships and enter the keyword: Riccomini.




Battle, Conchita

Lim, Sharon

Ramirez, Nayan

Bonfiglio, Kim

Lim, Stephanie

Reinig, Matt

Brown, Carroll "CJ"

Lorenz, Katherine

Riccomini, Lisa

Cunanan, Ron

McGuire, Gigi

Riegos-Olmos, Elizabeth

Givertz, Catherine

Meade, Colette

Robinson, Janice

Glidden, Marc

Mercado, Debbi

Romero, Corie Mesa

Guevara, Monicka

Merida, Rose

Rowley, Keli

Hackett, Malinda

Montenegro Gonzalez, Karla

Sevilla, Carolina

Hatcher, Kevin

Norwood, Amber

Sosner, Jeff

Hernandez, Andrea

Park, Alexandrea

Villanueva, Marvin

Ittner, Maddison

Quiambao, Gretchelle


LeJay, John

Quintero Perez, Marlen