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2023 Freshman Celebration Digital Projects

Freshman Celebration 2023

Digital Projects

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Edwin Aguilar


First Year Experiences: Student Housing

Day in the Life

Our project is a series of TikToks recorded by students and highlighting a day in the life of a CSUN student living in the dorms to illustrate for prospective students what campus life is really like.


Conchita Battle



The Difference That One Class Can Make

The video shows two CSUN freshmen encountering different realities - life with UNIV 100 vs life without UNIV 100.  It outlines obstacles, solutions and how UNIV 100 plays an integral role in the life of a CSUN freshman and their success.


Monicka Guevara


Bridge to the Future: Canoga Park High School

If You Are a Freshman, You Need to Watch This!

Are you lonely and know nothing about CSUN? This video gives information about U100, an introductory course that provides preparatory curriculum for incoming freshman. It provides information on campus partners and ways to connect with fellow peers.


Monicka Guevara


Bridge to the Future: Canoga Park High School

What Goes on Inside a Freshman's Brain

A freshman in college might be clueless. Let alone a first-generation student. Let UNIV 100 guide you to success with resources and community engagement events. Don't let your emotions get the worst of you!


Monicka Guevara



Freshman Diaries (U100 Freshman Celebration Video)

Are you a new freshman here at CSUN? Are you totally clueless? Do you need help starting? The Freshman Diaries will guide you on how to be the best freshman there is. In U100 you will learn what CSUN has to offer for the best freshman experience.


Victoria Hernandez


Dept. of Criminology & Justice Studies

Spoiled Turned to Soil

Our class authored, photographed, and designed a digital picture book sharing what we learned about the composting process during our visit to the G.A.R.D.E.N. Did you know food waste is used to build healthy soil and grow organic fruits and vegetables in our CSUN backyard?

This project does not have sound


Vanessa Hernandez



Cultivating 8 Dimensions of Wellness in U100

This project is a compilation of testimonies from U100 students regarding their experiences with the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. They share insights on where they excel and where they face challenges. Additionally, they discuss the impact of the U100 program on their perception of wellness and how they apply it to their daily lives.

Bessie Karras-Lazaris



Sustainable CSUN

Sustainability is a key priority at California State University Northridge (CSUN), which has a successful history with renewable energy sources and achievements in sustainability practices. Our U100 students will give you a campus tour showing what makes CSUN an award-winning sustainable campus.

John LeJay


Dept. of Criminology & Justice Studies

New Beginnings

On Monday August 28th we began a journey. A day when 17 strangers became 17 young Matadors. Our story captures our unique experiences as we prepare for classes, manage our mental and physical health, and make friends along the way.

Sharon Lim



Harmonizing the Hustle

College is a place full of challenges. It is impossible to be able to take all of these obstacles without time management: arguably the largest hurdle of all. As college students, we must learn to maintain balance between our lives - both personal and educational - in order to prosper.


Sharon Lim



Eating Healthy Gone Horribly Wrong?!

Inspired by our Community-Based Learning Project where we participated as focus groups for Cal Fresh Healthy Living Workshops, our project shows the realistic choices we make as busy college students to balance our meals throughout the day.


Karla Montenegro Gonzalez



Mental Health Awareness

CSUN’s EOP Freshmen discuss causes of mental health issues and the difficulties they have experienced so far in college. They include resources available on campus that include mental health and relaxation services.

Amber Norwood



Students Helping Students - Our Community Service

Ever felt confused about some technology tool or process you’ve been asked to complete since starting at CSUN? We partnered with Academic Technology to make helpful how-to videos to be shared with other Matadors. Enjoy this sampling of our awesome videos to see what we covered.

Valeria Ramirez



Freshman Perspectives and Experiences of College

Our class digital project represents CSUN freshman perspectives and experiences of college life. We conducted peer-to-peer interviews with freshmen across campus. The interviews you’ll see cover topics such as a day in the life of a freshman, the college experience and transition, coping with stress, and extracurricular activities.


Imaya Rincon


NCOD/Deaf Studies

Empowered Conversations: A Journey in Deaf Culture

Our class invites you to delve into "Empowered Conversations," a digital mosaic of Deaf culture at CSUN. Through personal narratives and insightful reflections, this digital exploration unfolds the challenges and achievements, echoing the diverse communication experiences in education and beyond.


Janice Robinson



A Musical Trilogy: Dancing Through Freshman Semester

This project is a brief overview of the freshman experience, as viewed through the lens of three students. We will express how music has helped our class to succeed in our freshman semester at CSUN.

Keli Rowley


Dept. of Kinesiology

Playing "Tag"

Each student wore a t-shirt depicting a struggle they were having. Then we played a different game of tag. With colored paint on our hands, we "tagged" a fellow student whose struggle we identified with, leaving a handprint on their t-shirt. The purpose was to show we all have struggles.

Maya Singleton


Bridge to the Future: Black Scholars Matter

Narratives of Black Life

Scholars of Bridge to the Future: Black Scholars Matter (BSM) have spent this semester uncovering narratives of Black life and identity. Through digital storytelling, the scholars document, preserve, and weave the presence of Black life into CSUN’s future. Collaboration between UNIV 100 and BSM helps to build our community stronger.

Bruce Zucker


Dept. of Criminology

CSUN Department of Police Services: Student Survey

Students learned what the CSUN Department of Police Services does for the campus. They compiled and administered a survey instrument designed to both educate the campus community about CSUN Police and determine what it actually knows.

This project does not have sound