Student Success

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Student Success

California State University, Northridge exists to enable students to realize their educational goals. The University’s first priority is to promote the welfare and intellectual progress of students. To fulfill this mission, we design programs and activities to help students develop the academic competencies, professional skills, critical and creative abilities, and ethical values of learned persons who live in a democratic society, an interdependent world, and a technological age; we seek to foster a rigorous and contemporary understanding of the liberal arts, sciences, and professional disciplines, and we believe in the following values. (CSUN Mission Statement)

The Office of Student Success facilitates this mission by developing, implementing, and supporting innovative practices, policies and programming that promote student achievement, eliminate the opportunity gap, and encourage timely degree completion.  Through improved advising ratios, predictive analytics, early intervention, tutoring, and several other high impact practices (HIPs), CSUN is moving the needle on important success indicators that directly benefit students.

Featured Student Success Initiative

Benefits of 30 Units in the First Year


One evidence-based trend in higher education is to increase the unit load students attempt in the first year. This research project investigated the relationship between increased unit load in the first year and student outcomes.


At CSUN, first-time, full-time freshmen who attempt 30 units in the first year experience higher one-year retention rates, higher average GPA at the end of each year, greater unit accumulation at the end of each year, and higher 4- and 6- year graduation rates than students who attempted fewer than 30 units. The benefits of credit momentum are experienced by all racial and ethnic groups, and are particularly strong for students of color when it comes to one-year retention rates.