Student Recreation Center

  • Up Your Academic Game at the SRC

It’s Time to Up Your Academic Game at the SRC!

Move More and See Your Scores Soar!

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) is where engagement and wellness happen, and over the last 10 years, the SRC has had an average of 28,705 total members during the fall and spring semesters. Of those members, 95% of them were students. Since opening, the SRC has averaged more than 3,000 visitors per day during the week. The following statistics from this recent survey show the direct impact the Student Recreation Center has had on the student population and academic success here at CSUN.

  • Freshmen who visit the facility more than five visits per term, are more likely to persist to a third term as compared to students with no visits. The difference was 81% vs. 69%.
  • Students from traditionally underserved backgrounds, freshmen, and Pell Grant recipients are more likely to visit at least five times per semester.
  • Freshmen women with five to nine visits during their first semester have higher one-year continuation rates than those who don't: 80% vs. 75%.
  • Freshmen from traditionally underserved groups who use the SRC one to five times a semester have a greater chance of persisting to their third term than those who do not.
  • Female students from traditionally underserved racial/ethnic backgrounds may be among the most likely to benefit from the programs, fitness training and classes offered by the SRC.

We hope you enjoyed learning about student involvement and the proven benefits of routinely exercising at the SRC. Everyone is welcome, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Be sure to tag the SRC Instagram (@csun_src) if you stop by to get a sweat in, take a Group Exercise class or participate in one of our SRC challenges