Student Recreation Center

Virtually Dunk on ‘Em this Spring at the “NBA 2K21 Season!”

January 29, 2021

It’s time to rebound your love for basketball during the NBA 2K21 Season for Xbox and PS4, with an exciting Intramural Sports virtual competition at the Student Recreation Center of the University Student Union. Get in the game to compete against other Matador gamers to see who dominates the court. Just for playing, you’ll get a your very own SRC Workout Towel and T-shirt, AND be entered in a raffle for some sweet gift cards. On top of all that, the first-place winners on Xbox and PS4 will each receive a $75 Amazon gift card! 

Hop on IMLeagues to register by Tuesday, Feb. 14 so you’re ready to make it rain when the NBA 2K21 Season begins on Monday, Feb. 15 with Intramural Sports at the SRC… Where Matadors Play!