Student Recreation Center

Turn Your Holiday Food Into Holiday Fuel by Engaging in Fitness Activities at the SRC’s Turkey Burn-Off Challenge

November 15, 2021


Northridge — The Student Recreation Center (SRC) of the University Student Union (USU) invites the CSUN community students to work off their tasty holiday meals by participating in the Turkey Burn-Off Challenge. From Monday, Nov. 22 to Sunday, Dec. 5, make your fitness goals even more worth it by avoiding the holiday food coma, engage in fun fitness activities and score some big prizes!

“With the holiday season approaching, the SRC wants to remind the CSUN community the importance of staying active and living a healthier lifestyle with this fun challenge,” said SRC Fitness Programs Coordinator Ariel Pasion. “Whether you’re interested in finding ways to get moving or you need a catalyst to help you get started on your fitness journey, this challenge will immensely help you with your fitness goals.”

During this two-week virtual fitness challenge, you can earn points by engaging in various fitness activities. Just register anytime between Monday, Nov. 8 and Sunday, Dec. 5 by creating an account through and join the “Turkey Burn Off 2021” program. Then, get up and get moving with your fitness activities to manually track and accumulate your points.

There are four ways to earn points: (1) engage in your daily vigorous physical activities, (2) participate in the variety of virtual activities offered by the SRC and the Oasis Wellness Center, (3) take a picture of yourself post-workout and share in the community chat area and/ or (4) Spread the Word Booster by referring a friend to join the challenge by Sunday, Nov. 28. You can also earn bonus points by interacting with the SRC on their social media platforms. When you reach certain point levels, you will be eligible to enter raffles for a gift card of your choice ranging from $25 to $100.

During this fun virtual event, your workouts will be beneficial to both your healthy wellbeing and your wallet! Work on fitness goals in ways that work best for you by participating in the Turkey-Burn Off Challenge! For more information, please visit

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