Student Recreation Center

Take the Fall SRC Swim Challenge!

September 5, 2017

The Swim Challenge is on this fall  and the Student Recreation Center is inviting all members to swim the distance of their choice. Everyone who participates has a chance to win cool prizes – and the more you swim, the more you’ll win! We have rewards for all those who reach the following distance milestones:

When You Sign Up — Workout Towel
10k yds (400 laps) — Sunglasses
30k yds (1200 laps) — Keychain Sunscreen
50k yds (2000 laps) — Mesh Bag 

Race to the finish to win additional prizes! The first five swimmers to swim 2,000 laps will earn the following rewards, in order of finish:

1st Place — $35 CSUN Campus Store Gift Card
2nd Place — $25 CSUN Campus Store Gift Card
3rd Place — $20 CSUN Campus Store Gift Card
4th & 5th Place — SRC Towel Service (1 Semester)

Sign up now through the CSUN SRC app and you’ll each get a complimentary workout towel. The Fall Swim Challenge begins on Monday, Sept. 11, so sign up now and get ready to go the distance!
For more information, visit the SRC challenges portal.