Student Recreation Center

Renew Your SRC Membership & Services for Spring 2020

December 6, 2019

Make sure to keep those workouts going next semester by renewing your SRC membership, locker service and towel service today.

Your current 2019 Fall membership and services will expire on Sunday, Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. Renewing your membership and services is easy as stopping by the SRC front desk. If you choose not to renew your locker service, please be sure to clean out your locker by the expiration date and time. All remaining items will be removed and retained in accordance with the USU lost and found policy.

If you’re a CSUN student enrolled for Spring 2020, your renewed SRC membership is already included in your campus fees. For more details regarding membership options at the SRC, feel free to visit our membership webpage or see us at the front desk.

Spring into a healthy and productive semester with the SRC… Where Matadors Play!