Student Recreation Center

Register for the First FIFA 21 Tournament with the Games Room of the USU!

September 24, 2021

The Games of the University Student Union invites you to kick the competition up a notch and play to win on PS4 during the first of two FIFA 21 Tournaments this semester! Take the virtual field and show us what you’ve got to claim victory against other FIFA fanatics. The player with the most wins will be crowned the FIFA 21 champion and score a $50 GameStop gift card, and all participants will be entered in a raffle to win a $25 PlayStation gift card while earning points toward the MataGames grand prize at the end of the semester. Thursday, Sept. 30 5 p.m. Register now through Sept. 30 on the SRC Programs server to get in on the action! Plus, if you have a blast this time around, you can join us for our second tournament on Thursday, Dec. 2. Don’t miss out on this chance to compete in the FIFA 21 Tournament presented by the Games Room of the USU … Where Matadors Belong!