Student Recreation Center

Register for “I Work Out: Team Edition” this Summer

May 18, 2016

Working out is always more rewarding when you have someone to share it with! This summer, partner up with a friend at the SRC for this summer’s hottest team competition “I Work Out: Team Edition” and motivate one another to reap the benefits of getting your sweat on!

This two-week-long program from Monday, June 6 to Sunday, June 19 is the perfect way to jump-start your fitness during summer break, and have fun while doing it! Each time that you or your partner workout, you’ll earn a ticket that will add up to get you awesome swag when your reach a Meaningful Milestone. The more you earn, the more prizes you win! You get to choose how many workout you do, and which categories to do them in.

It will all boil down to the Final Team Challenge on Thursday, June 23, where any team who has reached the first milestone will compete for the grand prize!

Registration begins on Tuesday, May 24 and ends Saturday, June 18.

It’s time to team up at the SRC this summer during “I Work Out: Team Edition” where Success = Motivation + Teamwork!