Student Recreation Center

Glow Up and Glow-In-The-Dark during “Neon Fitness Frenzy” at the SRC

August 30, 2019

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) of the University Student Union (USU) invites all SRC members to work out with a very special glow during the weeklong “Neon Fitness Frenzy” event.  We’re turning the lights off, so SRC members can glow-in-the-dark while experiencing their favorite group fitness classes ranging from cycling to yoga. All participants will receive a gift just for attending these fun classes throughout the week and be entered into an awesome raffle for a chance to win prizes. Switch up your workout routine and join in on the good times of “Neon Fitness Frenzy”!

Amanda Christianson, SRC Fitness Programs Coordinator, is responsible for this event.

Registration is open from Monday, September 2 through Friday, September 13. This event will take place from Monday, September 9 to Friday, September 13.

The glow-in-the-dark group fitness classes will be held in various locations at the Student Recreation Center of the USU.

This event gives SRC members a fresh and fun change to their usual workout schedule.

This event will be a colorful blast from the past with the added bonus of working out in your favorite group classes.Participants will also receive a cool gift! Just register online for your preferred glow-in-the-dark classes through the SRC MindBody Portal as early as one week in advance. For more information on “Neon Fitness Frenzy” and the Student Recreation Center, please visit For more information on the University Student Union, please visit

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