Student Recreation Center

Enhance Your Journey to Fitness in Only Six Weeks at the Student Recreation Center’s “Fit in 6” Wellness Program

August 13, 2019

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) of the University Student Union (USU) is offering all SRC members the opportunity to take part in the comprehensive fitness program offered by the “Fit in 6” wellness program. All those interested must register from Saturday, August 24 to Saturday, August 31 through the Fusion portal or in-person at the SRC front desk. Fee is $60 for students and $70 for non-students. Space for the challenge is limited.

Alfredo Padilla, SRC Fitness Training Coordinator, is responsible for coordinating this event.

This event takes place from Monday,September 23 to Sunday, November 3.

This event is located at the SRC.

This challenge gives all eligible participants the opportunity to join a comprehensive wellness program that will provide guidance, support and resources to aid participants in successfully completing the program and helping to achieve their fitness goals.

By participating, you’ll be able to track your progress, register for group classes 2-days in advance, have one-on-one meetings with an assigned Fit in 6 Lead, four 30-minute personal training sessions, pre and post fitness assessments, goal-setting consultations, and special discounts on personal training packages. As an incentive for successfully completing the program, you will be awarded a $25 Visa gift card and an entry into a raffle to win a 10-session Personal Training Package! For more information on the “Fit in 6” Wellness Program, the SRC and the USU, please visit

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