Student Recreation Center

Dominate the Digital Court this Spring during “NBA 2k21 Season” hosted by the SRC

January 26, 2021

Media Alert 

WHAT: The Student Recreation Center (SRC) of the University Student Union invites all CSUN students, gamers and basketball lovers to bring your best shot during the “NBA 2k21 Season” for Xbox and PS4. From Monday, Feb. 15 to Saturday, March 12, players can shoot threes, crash the boards and test your hoop skills. The first-place winner on both Xbox and PS4 will each win a $75 Amazon gift card. Just for playing, participants will receive their very own SRC towel and t-shirt AND be entered in a raffle for more gift cards! 

WHO: Ryan Hairapetian, SRC Aquatics Coordinator, is responsible for coordinating this event. 

WHEN: The season will begin Monday, Feb. 15; Playoffs will end on Sunday, March 12. 

WHERE: Your choice of Xbox or PS4 

WHY: This event is a great opportunity for CSUN students to get connected to the SRC while going head-to-head in fun sports activities with their fellow Matadors. 

BACKGROUND: This Spring “NBA 2k21 Season” offers an exciting Intramural Sports digital competition where students can meet and connect over their love of basketball. Don’t forget to register on IMLeagues by Sunday, Feb. 14 for a chance to rack up points and win prizes! For more information, visit 

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