Student Recreation Center

Dive into Spring with the SRC Swim Challenge!

January 19, 2023

Come challenge yourself this semester with other Matadors during the Spring Swim Challenge! Jump in and sprint your way to meet milestones that will earn you some cool prizes to help you keep swimming through the semester. The first 15 people to sign up will get a FREE lap counter!


  1. Register on IMLeagues for the Spring Swim Challenge.
  2. Once registered, create a Discord account and download the phone app and/or the desktop app.
  3. If you have an account, or after creating your new account, go to the SRC Programs server and read the Welcome and Rules channels to unlock the server.[1] 
  4. Pick up a Swim Challenge punch pass each week at the Rec Pool or Plaza Pool.
  5. Keep track of your yards each swim with the weekly punch pass. Each time you log a distance that you want to count for the challenge, have our staff sign off to make sure it counts. If you’re using a sports counter, you must also show the number of laps swam the lifeguard on duty.
  6. Then submit your completed yards 48 hours after your swim has taken place on the SRC Swim Challenge discord channel and check the server for the winners posting when the challenge ends!


There is limited inventory, so make sure to get those laps in early to earn some awesome prizes! Once the challenge is over, the total swimming distances of all participants will be calculated to determine our champions!

  • 30,000 yards: Mesh Bag
    • Includes a cooling towel, shaker bottle, first aid kit, bamboo utensils, and a pair of sunglasses
  • 40,000 yards: Swim Towel and Water Bottle
  • 50,000 yards: $25 Matador Bookstore Gift Card
  • 60,000 yards: Swim Gear

Get ready to beat the heat and start making waves during the Spring Swim Challenge at the Rec and Plaza Pools, hosted by the Student Recreation Center of the USU … Where Matadors Belong!