Student Recreation Center

Commit to be Fit with the SRC’s Summertime Grind Challenge

May 26, 2021


Northridge- The Student Recreation Center (SRC) of the University Student Union invites all CSUN students, faculty, staff and alumni to get active this summer with the virtual Summertime Grind Challenge. From Monday, June 7 to Sunday, June 27, you can participate in this exciting challenge by engaging in a variety of fitness activities and tracking your progress. Achieve your summer fitness goals and have fun with the SRC’s latest challenge while also getting the chance to win cool prizes! 

“The SRC encourages the CSUN community to utilize this time in the summer to celebrate health and wellness,” said Amanda Christianson, SRC Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness. “We wanted to kick off summer break with this fun fitness challenge so that Matadors can take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.” 

Prepare to challenge yourself to get up and get moving in this three week program with a range of virtual fitness activities offered by the SRC and Oasis Wellness Center or you can create your own eligible fitness activities. To participate, CSUN students, faculty, staff and alumni must create an account through the SRC ChallengeRunner page and enroll in the “Summertime Grind 2021” program. Once you are registered, you can earn points by manually entering your daily activities on the SRC ChallengeRunner page or ChallengeRunner app. You can track your daily fitness activities through the website, app or any third-party fitness tracking apps. Points you earn can be used to enter a raffle, where participants have the chance to win great prizes including a $25 Gift Card, a $50 Gift Card and a $75 Gift Card. The Matador earning the most points out of everyone will receive the Grand Prize of the $100 Gift Card of their choice. 

Get warmed up and get your muscles pumping this summer with the SRC’s Summertime Grind Challenge! For more information on the SRC how you can enjoy yourself and be successful in this challenge, please visit 

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