Student Recreation Center

Claim the ultimate title at the SRC StrongMatador: HIIT Circuit Challenge

October 26, 2022

SRC: StrongMatador: HIIT Circuit Challenge

Take on the StrongMatador Challenge and compete against your fellow Matadors in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Circuit! Whether competing at the Inspire or Extreme level, take on five challenging stations in the HIIT circuit, each with its own repetition or distance requirements.

HIIT Circuit

  • 100 Meter SkiErg Ski
  • 40 Battle Rope Double Arm Wipes
  • 8 Slam Balls Reverse Slams
  • 180° Flip-Plyo (Flip + Hop = 1)
  • 40 Yard HIITMill Sled Push

Each challenge must be conquered before moving on to the next, and the top ten competitors with the most rounds completed in the least amount of time will win a StrongMatador t-shirt and a selection of SRC swag.

Only the top competitor from each bracket will be crowned the StrongMatador! Prizes include recognition as the StrongMatador on SRC social media, a champion medallion and a $50 VISA gift card!

Register online beginning Wednesday, Oct. 26 or in person during the event. Current SRC members of all levels are invited to take on the StrongMatador: HIIT Circuit Challenge at the Student Recreation Center of the USU… Where Matadors Play!