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“Train Like a Pro Boxing Challenge” at the SRC Let’s You Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

October 29, 2018

Northridge—The Student Recreation Center (SRC) invites all of its members to expand their current workout routine and enhance their boxing skills at the “Train Like a Pro Boxing Challenge”. From Monday, Nov. 5 to Saturday, Nov. 10 in the SRC Determination Studio during regular Boxing Training Program (BTP) hours, members of all skill levels can participate in this weeklong challenge.  Whether you are an experienced boxer or a beginner, it will increase your knowledge of fundamentals while also providing a fun and rigorous full body workout with a multitude of boxing techniques.

“The ‘Train Like a Pro Boxing Challenge’ is perfect for people of all skill levels,” said Amanda Christianson, SRC Fitness Coordinator, “With our trained staff available to teach the proper techniques of boxing and the chance to win a great prize, participants will improve their workouts and become better boxers in no time.”

There will be five skill goals to complete in the challenge, including heavy bag, double-end bag, speed bag, dip line and jump rope. The top male and female participants who complete all 5 goals in the fastest times recorded will receive the grand prize.

Non-SRC members may participate in the challenge by purchasing a guest pass each day they enter the facility and be accompanied by an SRC member at the time of entry.

SRC members can sign up for the “Train Like a Pro Boxing Challenge” either at the Determination Studio during Boxing Training Program hours or online at First time participants in the BTP are required to attend a 55-minute orientation with a Boxing Fitness Assistant.

Sign up for the “Train Like a Pro Boxing Challenge” today and experience a great new way to take your workout to the next level.  For more information please visit

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