Student Recreation Center

Swim to Win in a Friendly Competition at the “SRC Swim Challenge: Team Edition”

March 4, 2019

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) at the University Student Union (USU) invites all CSUN students, faculty, staff and alumni to splash into shape
at the “SRC Swim Challenge: Team Edition”. All interested participants are encouraged to grab a friend and work as a team to complete this fun swim challenge. All teams will compete to receive rewards for achieving distance milestones and a chance to win awesome prizes such as CSUN Bookstore gift cards and free towel service, awarded by the SRC Aquatics Department. The more your team swims, the more you can win!

Ryan Hairapetian, SRC Aquatics Coordinator, is responsible for coordinating this event.

Tuesday, April 2 to Monday, May 6 during regular hours of pool operation. Registration is open until Monday, April 8.

Located in the SRC Rec Pool and Plaza Pool

This swim challenge will motivate all participants to maintain a healthy lifestyle through swimming.

All teams can register for the challenge through the 2Act portal or in-person at the Aquatics tabling sessions in the SRC. The rules for the challenge are as follows: 1. Participants must complete their laps within the indicated five- week period at the SRC or Plaza pool; 2. Only 2,000 yards can be submit per day for each workout. Participant must submit completed yards within a 24 hours. Inputted yards after 24 hours of completion will not count towards the challenge; 3. Participation must take place at either the SRC or Plaza pool. Participants cannot input laps swam elsewhere; 4. First team to 100,000 yards wins first place prize so on an so forth with second, third, fourth, and fifth; 5. Participants will have to manually input daily yards into 2act; 6. Participants can log their workout using the SRC Challenge Portal located at; 7. Weekly punch passes will be handed out for each week of the challenge. Participants must have on duty lifeguard initial laps completed for each day. Participants can pick up new punch passes for the start of the week at both pools; 8. Participants who input 2,000 yards per day/everyday following, will complete the challenge on day 25 (Friday, April 26, 2019). Disclaimer: the first team to complete their final set of 2,000 (total 4,000) yards first on the 25th day will be rewarded first place. Guards from both pools will communicate winners and will mark the place each team came in on their final punch pass. They will also receive fun rewards when reaching specific distance milestones, such as sunglasses, keychain sunscreens and mesh bags. For more information on this challenge, the SRC and the USU, please visit

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