Student Recreation Center

“American Red Cross Lifeguard Course” at the SRC Offers Certification in Life-Saving Skills

September 15, 2017


The Student Recreation Center at the University Student Union invites all CSUN students, faculty and staff interested in becoming a lifeguard to gain the required knowledge and Red Cross certification at the “American Red Cross Lifeguard Course”. This six-session program over three weekends will help you gain important lifesaving skills in the prevention, recognition and response to aquatic emergencies through hands on training– all for only $130.


Briell Huerta, SRC Head Lifeguard, is responsible for this event.


Registration open now and ends Saturday, Oct. 7
Sessions run 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday from Oct. 7 to Oct. 22


SRC Conference Room and Plaza Pool


Provide the CSUN community with an affordable and convenient option to receive entry-level lifeguard training and certification.


The SRC is offering this invaluable training for the affordable cost of $130. Participants must provide their own swimsuit and meet a certain number of swimming and rescue skill pre-requisites. A full refund will be given to participant who do not meet the prerequisites. Registration for the “American Red Cross Lifeguard Course” is available at the SRC front desk or online at For additional information on price, dates, times, and pre-requisites, please visit the SRC aquatics website.

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