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Protests Rules

  1. Captains/Co-Captains are the only members of a team that are eligible to protest.
  2. To file a protest, eligible parties must fill out:
    1. an official protest form given by the Intramural Supervisor or found at the link below,
    2. a written account submitted to the intramural office by 3 p.m. the next business day.
    3. If participants decided to play their game and protest afterwards, the game sheet cannot be signed. A signed game sheet implies that the team has accepted the result of the game and forfeit their option to protest. Teams must notify the onsite supervisor that the reason they are not signing the game sheet is because they plan on protesting.
  3. A Contest Protest involves a rule interpretation during an intramural contest. All Contest Protests must be made by the protesting team’s captain in the presence of the officials, supervisor and the opposing team’s captain at the time and place of the incident. The protest must be made before the next ‘live ball’ situation. Once play has resumed, no protests on past plays are considered. If the decision is still seen as unsatisfactory, the protesting team’s captain may file a protest form. The intramural coordinator will make the final decision by the end of the next working day after the incident occurs. No protests will be accepted on the judgment call of the official.
  4. A Player Eligibility Protest involves a team captain protesting the eligibility of his/her opponents. All Player Eligibility Protests must be submitted in writing to the intramural sports office by the next working day. A player eligibility protest form is available to be filled out. 

Download Intramural Protest Form (PDF)