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SRC Fitness Challenges

Take on a challenge and win BIG! Each challenge is uniquely designed to encourage SRC members to engage in fitness activities in order to reach the ultimate goal and be entered to win some awesome prizes. For more information, review the challenge details for each available challenge.

Check out these current and upcoming challenges at the SRC!

Swim Competition

It’s Time to Swim for Swag!

Monday, Sept. 16 – Sunday, Oct. 20

The Student Recreation Center of the University Student Union invites all members to swim for swag this fall semester during the SRC’s Swim Competition! Swim to great lengths and test your skills as you compete against other swimmers to achieve distance milestones and win the following special prizes:

  • 10k yds. (400 Laps)—Sunglasses
  • 30k yds. (1200 Laps)—Water Bottle
  • 50k yds. (2000 Laps)—Mesh Bag

The first five individuals to complete 50K yards will also win a CSUN Campus Store gift card ranging from $15 to $100 in value.

Join us this fall semester at the SRC’s Swim Competition to win cool prizes and stay in shape!

Program Details


  1. Participants must complete their laps during the SRC’s regular hours of operation between Monday, Sept. 16 and Sunday, Oct. 20.
  2. Swimmers must manually input their daily yards into the SRC Challenges Portal within 24 hours of completion. Yards that are not submitted by this time will not be counted towards the program.  
  3. A maximum of 2,000 yards can be submitted per day.
  4. Swimming must take place in either the SRC or Plaza pools. Participants cannot input laps swam elsewhere.
  5. Punch passes will be distributed for each week of the competition. Participants must have an on-duty lifeguard sign their card for the laps completed each day. Participants can pick up new punch passes at the start of each week at both the SRC and Plaza pools.
  6. The first individual to complete 50,000 yards wins the first place prize; subsequent finishers will place second, third, fourth and fifth. Guards from both pools will communicate winners and mark the place each swimmer came in on their final punch pass.

To register for the SRC’s Swim Competition, please visit the SRC Challenges Portal from Monday, Aug. 26 until Thursday, Sept. 26. 

Learn the Basics

Make the Most Out of Your Workouts!

Monday, Sept. 30 – Friday, Oct. 4

The Student Recreation Center of the University Student Union wants to help you make the most out of your workouts during Learn the Basics! It’s our week dedicated to teaching you the fundamentals of exercise, maximizing your mind and body potential and helping you reach your fitness goals faster this semester, with completely free fitness workshops. 

  • Qigong: Power in the Practice
  • Belly Dancing: Hypnotic Rhythms
  • Indoor Cycling: Master the Basics
  • Strength Training: Boost Your Metabolism
  • Kettlebell Training: Function & Mobility
  • Zumba®: Cumbia & Reggaeton
  • Zumba®: Salsa & Merengue
  • Boxing: Heavy Bag
  • Meditation: Returning to Peace
  • Mat Pilates: Building a Strong Foundation
  • TRX® Yoga: Unleash Your Strength
  • Pranayama: Link Your Body & Mind with Breath

SRC members can register for Learn the Basics workshops now through Friday, Oct. 4 by visiting the SRC MindBody Portal. Space is limited and spots will be secured on a first-come, first-served basis.

Want to find out more about a certain workshop? Simply visit the Learn the Basics workshops webpage.