Student Recreation Center

  • 2019 Turkey Burn-Off Challenge: Monday, Nov. 25 – Sunday, Dec. 8

Turkey Burn-Off Challenge Registration

Ready to torch away those Thanksgiving Day calories? Then, we have the challenge just for you! The Student Recreation Center of the University Student Union invites you to take on the two-week Turkey Burn-Off Challenge to help you get back into your regular fitness routine and burn off that extra holiday stuffing! You can also rack up extra points for coming more than twice a week. The more points you earn, the grander the prize you can win!

Program Details

  1. Participants are encouraged to use either the SRC or Oasis Wellness Center at least two times per week. A maximum of one entry per day, per location, with an overall maximum of fourteen (14) entries per week are allowed.
  2. Participants will automatically receive three points every time they visit the SRC or Oasis Wellness Center by using the hand scanners at the front entrance of the facilities. In the event that participants are unsure if their entry was recorded, they can contact the
  3. Participants are eligible to earn extra “Burn-Off” points by completing the following tasks: 
    • Earn double the “Burn-Off” points by using the SRC or Oasis Wellness Center more than two days in one week.
    • Earn extra “Burn-Off” points by taking a picture with friends or family around the dinner table and completing one of the following: 
      • Earn seven (7) “Burn-Off” points when emailing the picture to and including one thing for which participants are thankful. 
      • Earn ten (10) “Burn-Off” points when posting the picture on their Instagram story or page and tagging the SRC with @csun_src. After that, participants must direct message the post to @csun_src along with a comment on one thing for which they are thankful.
  4. Participants will be able to view their tracked points through the Turkey Burn-Off point tracker. The top ten participants with the most points will be posted on the Turkey Burn-Off Leaderboard as well as on the challenge banner located in the main entrance from the SRC walkway. 
  5. The challenge consists of three levels and will include the following prizes:
    • Level 1 (6 Points)
      • Turkey Burn-Off T-shirt (while supplies last)
      • (2) $25 Amazon Gift Cards
    • Level 2 (12 Points)
      • (2) $50 Gym Shark Gift Cards
    • Level 3 (19 Points)
      • (1) $100 Nike Gift Card


  1. The challenge is open to all SRC members with an active membership. Any non-SRC member interested in participating must purchase a guest pass for each day of attendance into the facility and also be present with an SRC member at the time of entry.
  2. Participants must reach the minimum number of points required for each level in order to be eligible for any giveaways or grand prizes. A minimum of six (6) points must be earned before being entered into any raffle.
  3. Winners for each giveaway will be randomly selected by Tuesday, Dec. 10 and must claim their prize no later than Tuesday, Dec. 17. If the winner fails to claim their prize by the deadline, a new winner will be drawn.