Student Recreation Center

SRC: NBA 2K21 Tournament

Friday, April 23, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Via IMLeagues and Discord
NBA 2K21 Tournament

The Student Recreation Center of the University Student Union invites you to beat the buzzer on the virtual court for Xbox and PS4 during this year’s NBA 2K21 Tournament! You don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to compete with other Matadors and show off your love of the game. The champion on each console will score a $50 Amazon gift card and everyone who participates will receive an SRC Workout Towel and T-shirt plus be entered in a raffle for Campus Store and Starbucks gift cards. 

Register on IMLeagues through April 23 and then join us on the SRC Discord to connect with the other gamers. We can’t wait to see you dribble, dunk and dominate the court during NBA 2K21 Tournament with the SRC of the University Student Union… Where Matadors Belong!