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Learn the Basics Workshops

Get the most out of your workouts by registering for the SRC’s fitness workshop program, Learn the Basics! The Student Recreation Center of the University Student Union invites all SRC Members to come learn the fundamentals of fitness while maximizing mind and body potential, during a week of completely free fitness workshops! From Strength Training, to Zumba®, to Pranayama and so much more—there’s a workshop for everyone! 


Belly Dancing: Hypnotic Rhythms

Combines the fast and slow rhythms of world and fusion music for drilling isolations, combinations and various rhythm patterns, to increase strength and muscle memory.

Boxing: Heavy Bag Techniques

Provides knowledge on different types of heavy bags within the Determination Studio and how to efficiently use them during Boxing Training Program (BTP).

Indoor Cycling: Master the Basics

Breaks down the fundamental positions and movements of cycling and teaches how to use cadence and resistance to modify the intensity level of your workout to suit your goals.

Kettlebell Training: Function & Mobility

Teaches the proper use when performing basic kettlebell movements such as deadlifts, swings, and goblet squats.

Mat Pilates: Building a Strong Foundation

Explains how to perform basic Mat Pilates movements that will help strengthen your body’s core by developing pelvic and spinal stability and abdominal strength.

Meditation: Returning to Peace

Learn how to be present in order to reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth through guided meditation.

Pranayama: Link Your Body & Mind with Breath

Helps calm the mind, rejuvenate the body and initiates higher levels of consciousness through the art and science of yogic breathing. 

Qigong: Power in the Practice

An ancient Chinese practice that incorporates different breathing exercises, stretches, flowing movements and meditation that will help you cultivate energy and become full of vitality.

Strength Training: Boost Your Metabolism

Breaks down common upper and lower body exercises using body weight and free weights in order to structure a safe and effective strength-training program.

TRX® Yoga: Unleash Your Strength

Learn how to use and adjust the TRX® Suspension Trainer®, modify exercises to meet your needs, and foundational yoga flows that you can integrate into your TRX® workouts.

Zumba® Fitness: Cumbia & Reggaeton Rhythms

Teaches two of the four basic rhythms of Zumba®; Cumbia and Reggaeton, and their basic steps.

Zumba® Fitness: Salsa & Merengue Rhythms

Teaches two of the four basic rhythms of Zumba®; Salsa and Merengue, and their basic steps.