Student Recreation Center

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Building Features


Gymnasium Courts — Red Ring Courts

Multi-Activity Court — MatArena

Fitness Zones


Indoor Jogging Track

The Ridge Rock Wall

Racquetball Court

Locker Rooms

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor Artificial Turf Field

Go Green

How does the SRC light up the building?

The SRC is designed to utilize natural light from the wall to wall glass windows of the east side of the building, while the almost solid west face, shields light. There also are fins placed on the glass windows of the east side to diffuse direct sunlight and heat accumulation into the building. 

The SRC also uses solatubes on the rooftop, lowering overall energy consumption. 

Solatubes, what are they and how do they work?

Solatube is the company that makes Solatube Daylighting Systems for housing and commercial use. It is typically called a solar tube and is installed on the rooftop. 

As the sun moves across the sky, the Solatube will pick up natural light from the sun and diffuse the light back into the facility, which help light the mezzanine level of the SRC during the day time. 

How does the ventilation system work? How does it move air “naturally” through the building?

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) moves fresh air into the building to ensure adequate ventilation system. The HVAC system exchanges indoor air with outdoor air, to reduce indoor odors, pollutants, and moisture. This air is filtered and conditioned before it enters the building to maintain a controlled and comfortable atmosphere.

Air distribution on the first floor is released from the ceiling while on the second floor and mezzanine level, air is distributed from the floor. This allows the HVAC system to share duct-work with multiple floors. It also sets up the building to move the largest volumes of air naturally by introducing cooler air at the floor levels. 

How does the SRC use less water consumption?

The SRC has nine waterless urinals and 10 hand dryers to save water consumption.

The SRC also utilizes native drought tolerant plants for water efficient landscaping. A few native drought plants that surround the facility are the Mexican feather grass, Mexican bush sage, and the Blue chalk sticks.

What are solar PV panels?

Solar PV means solar (photo-vol-tae-ic). The word photo means light and voltaic relates to production of electricity. The light that hits the panels is converted into clean electricity.

The more sun, the more energy will be produced from the solar PV panels. The direct current (DC) electricity is converted to alternating current (AC) electricity, which is the electricity that your normal household electronics use like a television, computer or toaster.

The SRC also has a meter that measures the amount of energy used.


Basketball player in wheelchair

Accessibility accommodation can be found in all locations within the SRC, from the Studios, to all three training zones, the locker rooms, and the Rec pool.



  • Northeast corner stretch area: mats, stability balls, stretching equipment, ab crunch
  • Multigym: adjustable pulleys and attachments
  • Medicine balls, weighted bars, kettlebells, etc

Determination Studio

  • Uppercut bag and speed bags are ADA accessible
  • TRX® suspension trainers are ADA accessible

Additional Accessibility Features

  • 180 degree pool lift at the Rec pool
  • Mat Arena — accessibility seating at the Mezzanine floor
  • Handicap lockers
  • Two elevators