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The Student Recreation Center is a 138,000 square foot facility for exercise and leisure activity that promotes lifelong health and wellness. The eco-friendly facility has got it all — the most up-to-date equipment, a friendly and welcoming staff, and tons of school spirit! Are you ready to play Matadors?

The University Student Union at CSUN includes the DREAM Center, Pride Center, Computer Lab, East Conference Center, Games Room, Northridge Center, Oasis Wellness Center, Reservations & Event Services, Student Recreation Center, USU Programs, Veterans Resource Center...and you!

News and Events

“New Year New You” Program at SRC Motivates Matadors to Reach 2015 Health and Wellness Goals

January 20, 2015

Student Recreation Center

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) at the University Student Union (USU) is motivating all CSUN students to stick to their fitness goals with the “New Year New You” incentive program starting on Tuesday, January 20 and continuing through Saturday, February 28. The six-week program will encourage students to take steps toward achieving their health or wellness resolutions by tracking their progress with a variety of fun, challenging and insightful activities. 

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All Matadors Invited to Get in the Game for Spring 2015 Intramurals

January 8, 2015

SRC Logo Lede

 The Student Recreation Center is inviting all CSUN students, faculty and staff to sign up and get in the game for the Spring 2015 Intramural Sports Program. From Monday, January 12 to Wednesday, January 28, all those interested in participating can register online to compete with their friends and other Matadors in a wide variety of sports. 

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Now from the SRC: Live Space Availability Counts!

Before heading over to the Student Recreation Center, be sure to check out our Live Space Availability Counts to see the current activity levels in our training zones and other facilities at the SRC.

Upcoming Group Exercise Classes