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Termination for Cause

The University Corporation may terminate an employee for cause for the following reasons:

  • Theft
  • Chronic Tardiness
  • Absence without Leave (AWOL)
  • Policy Violation
  • Other

Notice of Termination

The Notice of Termination for cause will be issued in writing, signed by the TUC Human Resources Department or designee, and delivered to the affected employee. Please note that only the TUC-Human Resources Department or designee (CSUN-OHR) may issue a notice of termination. Thus, Project Directors must contact TUC-Human Resources immediately if they believe that employee conduct leading to disciplinary action is occurring within their areas of supervision.

Automatic Resignation/Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL)

An employee who is absent for five (5) consecutive work days without securing official leave from the appropriate executive employee or project director is considered to have automatically resigned from The University Corporation employment as of the last day worked. The Project Director will notify TUC Human Resources, and CSUN-OHR will notify the employee. Such notice will be considered received by the employee on the date the notice is mailed. An employee can request reinstatement. The request must be in writing and must include an explanation for the unauthorized absence. In order for the request to be considered, it must be received within ten days after the notice of automatic resignation is mailed. The decision of TUC Human Resources as to whether or not to reinstate the employee must be in writing and will be final.

Procedure for Termination for Cause

  1. Project Director
    • Determine necessity for termination due to cause
    • Notify TUC - Human Resources of termination due to cause
  2. The University Corporation - Human Resources
    • Review cause for termination and legal situation
    • Involve CSUN - Office of Human Resources if legal situation is unclear
    • Prepare termination letter with review by CSUN HR, Employee Relations Department
  3. Project Director
    • Conduct Termination Meeting with Employee
    • Involve CSUN Office of Employee Relations if violent behavior of the employee is anticipated
    • Receive Passwords for Voice Mail, E-Mail, and Computer
    • Receive Equipment, Keys, Parking Permit, ID-Card, Pager, and Cell Phone, etc.
  4. The University Corporation - Human Resources
    If applicable, conduct "Sign-Out Meeting" with employee, and involve Office of Employee Relations if violent behavior of the employee is anticipated
    • For Employee
      Employee Separation Form, Final Check, Cobra Information
    • For CSUN - Office of Human Resources (OHR)
      Copy of Separation Paperwork
    • For TUC - Payroll
      Copy of Separation Paperwork