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Scheduled Multiple Payments


Check Request Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet


Beginning January 1, 2010, Principal Investigators and Project Administrators will be able to schedule multiple identical payments within the same Fiscal Year through a one-time Check Request.


Common applications can be:

  • Monthly payments for the rent/lease of buildings and office space
  • Monthly payments for the lease of cars
  • Regular stipend payments (please see limitation below) and other regular payments


  • Scheduled payments must be identical amounts to the same recipient
  • Scheduled payments are limited to the same Fiscal Year (July 1 - June 30)
  • The exact dates, recipients, and amounts must be listed on the Check Request
  • The required supporting documentation for all payments must be provided for the payment to be scheduled

Limitations for Stipend Payments to CSUN Students

Stipends to CSUN students require "Proof of Enrollment" (via CSUN Sims query advisement report, or class schedule from the CSUN web service portal, or class schedule from the self-service study list). This "Proof of Enrollment" is usually valid for only one semester, therefore multiple payments can only be scheduled for the time period that is covered by the "Proof of Enrollment."


In order to schedule multiple payments please use a Check Request form. In the section '3. Reason for Payment' list the exact dates, recipients, and amounts of the scheduled payments. Attach the required supporting documentation (according to the type of expense) and submit the paperwork to the University Corporation.

WARNING - Responsibility of PI to Cancel Payments

Once multiple payments are scheduled with TUC, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator or Research Administrator to ensure that the recipient continues to be eligible to receive the payment.

If the reason for the payment (e.g. lease, rent) or the eligibility (e.g. stipends) ceases to exist, or there are doubts please contact TUC-Accounts Payable at extension 7289 or email to cancel or interrupt the payments.


For questions on scheduling multiple payments please contact:

TUC-Accounts Payable