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Resignation by Employee

Employees who voluntarily terminate their employment with the Corporation must complete a notice of resignation. A written notice of resignation can only be rescinded or modified by the employee with the approval of the Project Director. The decision of the Project Director is final. Employees should normally provide at least two weeks notice of their intention to resign.

Procedure for Resignation by Employee

  1. Employee
    • Employee notifies Project Director of his/her resignation
  2. Project Director
    • Project Director notifies TUC - Human Resources of Employee's resignation
    • Inform TUC Payroll of agreement or disagreement of Vacation Accrual amounts to be paid out to employee
  3. The University Corporation - Human Resources
    • Prepare Separation Paperwork
  4. Employee
    • Set up meeting with The University Corporation - Human Resources
  5. The University Corporation - Human Resources
    Conduct "Sign-Out Meeting" with employee
    • For Employee
      Employee Separation Form, Final Check (Pick-up/Mail), Cobra Information
    • For CSUN - Office of Human Resources (OHR)
      Copy of Separation Paperwork
    • For TUC - Payroll
      Copy of Separation Paperwork
  6. Project Director
    Last day of Employment
    • Final Separation Meeting
    • Receive Passwords for Voice Mail, E-Mail, and Computer
    • Receive Equipment, Keys, Parking Permit, ID-Card, Pager, and Cell Phone, etc.