TUC Sponsored Programs

Project Set-up

Activity 1: Set-up of Grant File

The Research & Sponsored Programs Pre-Award Office officially notifies TUC Research & Sponsored Programs Post-Award office (TUC-SP) of the award of a sponsored project (ex. grant) by sending an electronic email with the award's Cayuse number.

Step 1: Determine if all information is complete and available

TUC-SP reviews the documentation for completeness of all documents and if all necessary data for the set up is available.

The required document include:

  • Award Memo
  • Award Notice
  • Copy of Proposal - Continuation Application
  • Budget
  • Close - out 

Step 2: Set up 'Project Control File' in Onbase.

'Project Control File' is set up as follows:

  • Proposal
  • Award/Contract - award agreements/contract (including exhibits/attachments), award email notification from Pre-Award office, CSUN Attributes page, notice of grant/contract award from sponsor, and Facesheet
  • Budget - budget and budget justification, budget revisions, correspondence with sponsor, and cost transfers
  • Correspondence/Other - signature authorization form and correspondence with PI
  • Billing - invoices, credits, correspondence related to billing, quarterly/semi-annual/annual reports
  • Subawards - subaward agreements, correspondence
  • Cost Sharing
  • Risk Management
  • Close-out - final reports to the sponsor, final budget reports, other reports (ex. final technical/progress report.

Activity 2: Assignment of Project ID & Set Up in Smartsheet Project Tracker

Step 1: Review Project Tracker to ensure that a project number has not been previously assigned.

Access the Smartsheet Project Tracker through Workspaces -> RSP Sheets -> Project Tracker

Step 2: Assign a Project ID Number

A Project ID is a number consisting of 8 digits.

Assigning the first 4 digits of the Project ID

The first 4 digits of the Project ID identify the source of the grants, the granting agency or grantor.

1st digit: 4

2nd digit: Identifies the general type of grantor.

3rd & 4th digits: Individually assigned to the specific granting agency.

4 X X X

Type of Grantors (2nd digit)

  • 4 0 Federal Government
  • 4 1 State Government
  • 4 2 Local Government
  • 4 3 Private Non-Profit
  • 4 4 Private For Profit
  • 4 5 (Not Assigned)
  • 4 8 (Not Assigned)
  • 4 9 Other (Outside the United States)

Federal Government (4 0 X X)

  • 4 0 0 1 National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • 4 0 0 2 Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • 4 0 0 3 Department of Education (DoEd)
  • 4 0 0 4 National Aerospace Agency (NASA)
  • 4 0 0 5 US Armed Forces (ONR, Navy, Army, etc.)
  • 4 0 0 6 National Security Agency
  • 4 0 0 7 Department of Energy (DOE)
  • 4 0 0 8 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
  • 4 0 0 9 Dept of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
  • 4 0 1 0 Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • 4 0 1 1 Unassigned
  • 4 0 9 8 Unassigned
  • 4 0 9 9 Federal Other

State Government (4 1 X X)

  • 4 1 0 1 CSU's
  • 4 1 0 2 All Other State Agencies
  • 4 1 0 3 Unassigned
  • 4 1 9 9 Unassigned

Local Government (4 2 X X)

  • 4 2 0 1 All Local Government
  • 4 2 0 2 Unassigned
  • 4 2 9 9 Unassigned

Private Non-Profit

  • 4 3 0 1 All Non-Profit
  • 4 3 0 2 Unassigned
  • 4 3 9 9 Unassigned

Private For-Profit

  • 4 4 0 1 All For-Profit
  • 4 4 0 2 Unassigned
  • 4 4 9 9 Unassigned


  • 4 5 0 1 Unassigned
  • 4 8 9 9 Unassigned

Other (Outside the United States)

  • 4 9 0 1 All Other (Outside the US)
  • 4 9 0 2 Unassigned
  • 4 9 9 9 Unassigned

Assigning the last 4 digits of the Project ID

The last 4 digits of the Project ID are continuous numbers individually assigned to a project.

Review the Project Tracker for the Project ID already assigned. Assign the next continuous number as the last four digits of your project ID.

Step 4: Submit a Chartfield Maintenance Request in TopDesk to activate project number in LAD/CFS.

Log in to https://csun.topdesk.net.

In the home screen, click on the SOLAR Financials -> Financials -> Chartfield maintenance Request. See screenshots below.




Complete project information in the screen (see below). 

An email notification from IT will be sent with the ticket number (IT Activation Number).

Step 3: Set up the award in Project Tracker Smartsheet.

Complete all the fields for the award in Smartsheet Project Tracker. Use information from the award documents and then if unable to find the information, check Cayuse. 

Activity 3: Generation of a "NOTICE OF GRANT/CONTRACT AWARD"

Open Facesheet in Box\Contracts Group\Sponsored Projects\Set Ups\TEMPLATES. Save Facesheet file as using project number as file name (ex. 4003 4853) in the Box folder: Box\Contracts Group\Sponsored Projects\Set Ups

Copy the line information of the new project from Smartsheet Project Tracker to line 2 of the Project Tracker tab of the Facesheet file. Information will populate to all pages.

Review award document to ensure that all questions in facesheet tab of the Facesheet Excel file are complete. All yellow fields must be completed manually. 

Assign the budgeted expenses to the related account lines. Enter amounts to BudgetYears tab of the Facesheet file. Chart of Accounts are available in https://www.csun.edu/sponsoredprograms/chart-accounts.

Go to NGCA tab of the Facesheet file. Hide unused account lines. Review information to ensure it is complete. Print NGCA tab as PDF. 

Activity 4: Set up of Grant in Common Financial System (CFS)

Step 1: Accessing Common Financial System (CFS)

Go to Northridge portal. Enter Your CSUN User ID and Password and do DUO authentication.

Go to SOLAR Financials -> Finance Data Warehouse - LAD.


Step 2: Set up of ADP Codes

Go to Main Menu -> Auxiliary -> Conversion Code Table -> Conversion Code

Enter last 4 digits of project number and then the appropriate ADP code for the payroll account. 

Current/CFS AccountOLD AccountDescriptionADP CodeNotes
601305601110Hourly Supervisor02 
601120601120Hourly Supervisor03FICA EX student
601303601130Student04FICA EX student
601206601515Asst Assoc Dir07 
601207601520Admin Asst08 
601208601525Admin Support09 
601126601530Other Faculty10 
no change601550Grant Maintenance13 
601560601560Grant Food Service14 
601570601570Lab Tech15 
601620601620Faculty Release Time20 
601630601630Grant Spec21SU Prev Ed Spec
601640601640Grant Spec22 
601650601650Grant Spec23 
601660601660Grant Spec24 
601670601670Grant Spec25 
601680601680Grant Spec26 
601690601690Grant Spec27 
601700601700Grant Spec28 
601710601710Grant Spec29 
613803601900Outsourced Temp Srvc30 
601104601545RA - undergrad31 

Click Add

Use as Effective date the 1st of the pay period month.

Enter Description, Payroll Account associated with the ADP code, Fund (S4000), Dept (24200) and Project (8-digit number).


Step 3: Set up of Award Attributes

Go to Main Menu -> Auxiliary -> CSUN Awards Attributes -> Award Attributes

Enter the Project ID .

Click Search. 

Fill out Tabs.

Activity 5: Enter the Project Budget into PeopleSoft via Journal Entry

Step 1: Create journal text file.

Go to Facesheet Excel file in Box\Contracts Group\Sponsored Projects\Set Ups.

Go to the correct JE tab to load to CFS.

Enter correct Journal Source (user 3-letter CFS identifier).

At the top menu, click Add-in.

Click Create Text File -> Build Journal File.

Enter user initials (ex. ABC.txt), then OK.

Step 2: Upload the Excel Journal Entry in CFS

Go to Northridge portal. Enter Your CSUN User ID and Password and do DUO authentication.

Go to SOLAR Financials -> CSU Portal -> CFS 

Go to General Ledger -> Journals -> Import Journals -> External Flat Files

Find the run control ID for uploading journals. If user does not have a run control ID set up, click Add a New Value and enter JE_FLAT_FILE as Run Control ID.


Click Add and find the .txt file journal with user's initials in Z:\INPUT. Click Upload.


Click Save. 

Click Run, then OK.

Click "OK"

Step 3: Create the Journal Entry in People Soft

Go to General Ledger -> Journals -> Journal Entry -> Create/Update Journal Entries.

Click on Tab "Find an Existing Value" tab.

On Source field, put user's CFS initials. Click Search.

Objective: Checking for Errors

  1. Click on: Edit Journal Process
  2. Ensure that the Journal Status (bottom) is shows a "V" meaning the entry is verified and no errors have been found by the system.

Objective: Posting the Journal Entry

  1. Click on: Post Journal Process
  2. [Are you sure?]
  3. Click "OK"
  4. Ensure that the Journal Status (bottom) is shows a "P". This means the entry has been posted to the system.

Objective: Preparing the Journal Entry for printing

  1. Click on: Print Journal Process

This will not yet print the Journal Entry but send it to the Process Schedule, ready for printing. Ensure that you conduct the next step to actually send the Journal Entry to the printer!

Step 4: Print the Journal Entry

Go to PeopleTools -> Process Scheduler -> Process Monitor.

Find CSUGLX. Once Distribution Status is Posted, click on Details.

Click on View Log/Trace.

Click on the PDF.

Download and save it in Box\Telecommuting Forms\Journal Folder\STANBUD.