TUC Sponsored Programs

Project Set-Up and Available Reports

Post-Award department is responsible for setting up a project after a successful proposal and as soon as it is awarded to CSU Northridge by the sponsor. 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding project set up and available reports to the Principal Investigators.

I received an email from the sponsor but had not received a confirmation from the Research & Sponsored Programs office. What do I do now?

Once the Post-Award office receives an email confirmation with the Cayuse number from the Pre-Award office, the Post-Award office reviews the award documents, assigns a project number, and sets up the project in the financial system. This may take from 3 to 5 business days. As soon as the set up is complete, the Principal Investigator (PI), the College Dean, and the College's Director of Finance and Operations receive an email from the Post-Award office with the project number and chartfield/accounting string. As a result of the Chancellor's Office audit, all Principal Investigators (PIs) without a previous project at TUC are required to attend an in-person training with their Post-Award Liaison at the TUC Research & Sponsored Programs Office, during the first 3 months of their grant. All training to PI's must be documented and be confirmed by the PI.

My award is coming/pending but I need to start working and hiring individuals for my sponsored project. How do I get a project number so I can start working on my pending award?

Post-Award office will assign a project number upon approval from the Associate Vice President or Director of Research & Sponsored Programs in Pre-Award office. Please refer to the procedure on setting up an "Advance Projects".

What reports are available to me as a Principal Investigator so I can keep track of my expenses in the project?

There are two available reports to the Principal Investigator: Budget Balance Available (BBA) report and Detail Trial Balance (DTB) report.

BBA reports show the summary activities in each of the sponsored project. It shows the budget, encumbrance, actual expenditures, and available balance for each line item/account. These reports are available daily in the Post-Award website under BBA Reports.

DTB reports show the detail transactions for each sponsored project. Once the project is set up in the system, an automatic DTB report delivery will be set up to send the report to the lead PI and co-PI(s) on a weekly basis. PIs can also request that other authorized persons in the project can also receive the DTB reports. Additionally, PIs can also change the frequency of the report delivery to daily or monthly (20th of each month).

Please note that during the fiscal year closing, BBA reports may not be available until the last fiscal year is closed and expenditures are rolled over to the new fiscal year.

Where can I find the recent audited financial report of The University Corporation (TUC)?

Documents pertaining to The University Corporation can be found in The University Corporation website, under About tab, Reporting Transparency link.