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Project 41023667

Project ID:4102 3667
Project Title:ARCHES-ENLACE Grant for New & Emerging Regional Collaboratives
Principal Investigator(s):Ivan Cheng
Sponsoring Agency:Alliance for Regional Collaboration to Heighten Education Success (ARCHES)
Award Amount:$50,000
Matching Amount:$119,182
Indirect Cost:None (not allowed by sponsoring agency)
Start Date:05/01/06
End Date:12/31/07
Type of Project :Training
Abstract:The proposed work is a collaborative effort of California State University Northridge, Local District 2 of the Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles Mission College, Project GRAD Los Angles, and the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley.

The focus of the work is to promote student achievement in algebra through teacher professional development by connecting teacher learning with actual classroom teaching during summer school or intersession. The approach is to empower teachers at their own schools to generate specific solutions to the learning needs of their student. Through daily collaborative lesson planning, teachers focus on their student understanding of algebra ad design effective strategies to get through to those students rather than merely get through a textbook.

Based on three small pilot studies, this approach has been found to impact teacher beliefs and practices while substantially improving the pass rates of student enrolled in algebra classes.
Links:Website of Principal Investigator