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Project 40093673

Project ID:4009 3673
Project Title:Evaluating Volcanic Hazards at Big Pine Volcanic Field Through Field Mapping: An EDMAP Proposal
Principal Investigator(s):Jorge Vazquez
Other Faculty/Staff:Jeff Woolford
College/Department:College of Science and Mathematics - Department of Geology
Sponsoring Agency:United States Department of the Interior - U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Original Source of Funds: 
Award Amount:$7,824
Matching Amount:$7,873
Indirect Cost:$1,193
Start Date:04/15/07
End Date:04/14/08
CFDA # :15.810
Type of Project :Research
Abstract:To map the volcanic geology of an ~50km2 area of the Big Pine volcanic field (BPVF), located in the Owens Valley of east-central CA, in order to assess the volcanic hazards associated with the BPVF. This mapping project will be the major emphasis of Jeff Woolford's MS thesis at CSU Northridge. The BPVF is a basaltic volcanic field containing numerous lavas and at least scoria cone 40 vents (although the exact number is uncertain) that erupted ~2.5 km3 during Quaternary time, and is likely to produce future eruptions given the protracted volcanic history and ongoing extension in the region.

Mapping will distinguish individual volcanic units and will be performed at 1:24,00 scale, with larger scale mapping (1:12,000) used for complex vents and lava flows. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and documenting the products and sources of individual eruptions in order to evaluate the potential styles of future volcanic activity. Filed relations will be used to establish a relative volcanic stratigraphy in order to establish the eruptive history at BPVF. Since the volcanic stratigraphy is established, key units will be dated using cosmogenic exposure methods in order to place quantitative limits on the 1) history of volcanism, 2)frequency of eruptions, and 3) time-volume relations at BPVF. In turn, these constraints will be used to evaluate the likelihood and hazards of a future volcanic eruption at BPVF.