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Project 40023666

Project ID:4002 3666
Project Title:Modulation of Gluccocorticoid-Evoked Lymphocyte Apoptosis by BTG1
Principal Investigator(s):Rheem Medh
College/Department:College of Science & Mathematics / Department of Biology
Sponsoring Agency:National Institute of Health
Award Amount:$214,500
Matching Amount:0
Indirect Cost:$64,500 (43% TDC)
Start Date:04/01/07
End Date:03/31/10
CFDA # :93.847
Type of Project :Research
Links:Apoptosis is a form of physiological cell death essential for maintaining normal health, and is triggered by altered expression or funtion of mulitple genes, one of them being Btg1, a gene that has been shown to inhibit cell proliferation. Diseases such as Alzheimer's neurodegeneration, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency, osteoporosis, cancer, etc are conditions where apoptosis may be a contributing factor. This application proposes studies to understand the role of Btg1 in growth inhibition and apoptosis of T-leukemic cells.