TUC Sponsored Programs


PRO-PI - Professional, Resourceful and Organized for the Principal Investigator. PRO-PI was launched by TUC in 2010 with the objectives of providing better customer service and easing of administrative processes for Principal Investigators and Research Administrators.

You may have noticed already some of the progress we have made as part of PRO-PI, for example:

  • The P-Card, a credit card for grant purchases is now available for Principal Investigators and Research Administrators
  • 'Scheduled Multiple Payments' are now available for fixed regular payments (e.g. monthly building leases, pre-scheduled stipend payments etc…). All you need is a onetime annual check request.
  • Documentation requirements for internet purchases have been simplified. Packing slips are no longer necessary.
  • The limits at which Purchase Orders must be accompanied by quotes, bids and sole source justifications have been significantly raised.
  • The website you are looking at has been completely redesigned. It is better organized and easier to view.

And lastly the most significant change was the complete reorganization of the Sponsored Programs Department and the implementation of the liaison positions.

Each college is now assigned a liaison in the Sponsored Programs Department. The objectives of liaisons are:

  • To provide a central point of contact for PI's with regard to all of their post-award questions;
  • To be pro-active rather than reactive;
  • To guide PI's through the administrative processes;
  • To provide a high level of customer service to Principal Investigators.

Sponsored programs are restricted by a large number of rules, regulations and requirements. We can't change that and must ensure compliance. But what we can offer you is our commitment to partner with you and guide you through the process.