TUC Sponsored Programs

Post-Award Training for Principal Investigators

Invitation for Training

During the set-up of a new project, the Sponsored Programs Department sends an email to the Principal Investigator inviting him/her to contact the Sponsored Programs Department and set up a one-on-one post-award training meeting. As well, at the completion of each new project set-up, the Sponsored Programs Department provides a project binder with copies of the the most important project documents to the Principal Investigators. The binder also contains a similar invitation to the Principal Investigator.

One-on-one Training Sessions

Principal Investigators are encouraged to contact their liaison or any other member of the Sponsored Programs team and set up a one-on-one post award training session. The subjects covered in these sessions are tailored specifically to the requirements of the project and the needs of the Principal Investigators. These trainings last from as little as one to several hours.

Online Training

A website for the online training of Principal Investigators has been established at http://www.csun.edu/sponsoredprograms/new-pi/

Office Visits

Liaisons will visit their assigned Principal Investigators on a continuous, but at least on an annual basis. During these visits, the liaison will discuss the current status of the projects, any actual or potential problems, and administrative procedures.

Sponsored Programs Fair

The Sponsored Programs Department will conduct each semester a "Sponsored Programs Fair". In this fair all staff members at TUC involved in Sponsored Programs will cover a "special subject booth" and answer questions to Principal Investigators & Research Administrators.