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Updated TUC Travel Policy

January 12, 2024

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:

California State University Chancellor’s Office has updated the travel guidelines recently. Due to this, TUC has also updated our travel guidelines to be in line with CSU and CSUN guidelines.

The updated TUC travel policy can now be found in the TUC website under TUC Policies and Procedures. Though there are several changes to the policy, I have listed below the different sections of the policy, or the major highlight of the section. 



CSU Payment Standards - Taxable Income (page 2)

It lists instances when travel expenses are considered taxable income to the traveler. Please note that IRS considers travel expense claims submitted 60 days after the expenses were incurred as a taxable income.

Travel Authorization (p. 3)

A Travel Authorization is required for:
• International travel
• Domestic/local travel if:
         o Traveler is CSUN employee and it is a requirement of the employee’s department or college, or it is required by campus administration.
         o Grant requires pre-approval of travel, or travel is not budgeted in the project.

Note: Effective September 14, 2023 special authorization is no longer required for states on the AB1887 list.

Meals & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) per diem rates (p. 4)

Traveling To/Link to per diem rates:
Continental U.S. Per Diem 
Non-foreign CONUS Per Diem (Alaska, Hawaii, US Possessions)

International/Foreign Per Diem

Meals & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) reimbursement limits (p. 4)

A table is provided with the appropriate guidelines for reimbursement limits

Lodging Limits (p. 5)

A table is provided with the appropriate guidelines for lodging limits

Receipts (p.6)

Receipts are required for all expense line items of $75 or more and for any expenses that require substantiation regardless of dollar amount on purchases made using a payment method other than a P-Card.  All receipts (regardless of dollar amount or type of expense) are required for all TUC P-Card purchases. 

Travel Involving Multiple Locations (p. 6)

If trip involves multiple locations, specific guidelines are located in this section.

Expenditures guidelines (pp. 7 - 11)

General guidelines on expenditure guidelines can be found in this section. If there are specific travel guidelines on your sponsored grant/contract, please reach out to your Post-Award liaison.

Student Travel (p. 11)

PIs are expected to follow campus policy and CSU Student Travel Policy/Executive Order 1041 when inviting students for travel. If a student is not a TUC or CSUN employee, they will need to complete the release of liability waiver form and complete the volunteer ID form.

Travel Procedures (pp. 12 - 15)

Please refer to this section regarding travel procedures.

The California State University standard mileage rate for business travel occurring on or after January 1, 2024 will increase from 65.5 cents per mile to 67 cents per mile.

The following travel links have also been updated:

TUC Travel Approval Procedure

TUC Travel Quick Guide

Travelers are required to read and understand the TUC Travel Policy prior to the trip. If you have questions regarding the travel guidelines, please contact the following individuals:

Cindy Estrella, AP and Payroll Manager, 818-677-2939

Elizabeth Zambrano, AP Technician, 818-677-7289

Or your Post-Award liaison


Thank you,
Grace Slavik, Associate Executive Director, Financial Services