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Updated Travel guidelines (as of August 5, 2020)

August 5, 2020

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:

This message is a follow up to my email dated July 1, 2020, “Updates regarding Travel guidelines”.

As communicated on July 1st, the Chancellor’s Office issued a memo eliminating all non-essential travel through June 30, 2021. Campus Presidents will have the authority to approve exceptions for travel when there are compelling reasons that support academic and co-curricular mission of the campus. The Division Vice President must approve and recommend the essential travel to the University President for final approval.


With this guideline, campus has updated the process of approving essential travel. 

  • Prior to arranging ANY local, domestic, and international travel, the traveler must submit an Essential Travel Application via the myCSUNglobe website. The application is to address the essential aspects of your travel and associated pandemic-related risk and safety considerations. 
  • For local and domestic travel: Once the traveler receives the email approval from myCSUNglobe, the traveler then submits a travel authorization via eTravel. Please attach all documents received from myCSUNglobe to your eTravel travel authorization. Travel expenses, including mileage and/or parking only reimbursements, will not be processed without the essential travel authorization on file. 
  • For international travel: Once the traveler receives the email approval from myCSUNglobe, the traveler must complete the Faculty/Staff International Travel Registration. When the traveler receives an email from Risk Management, traveler then submits an eTravel travel authorization, attaching all documents received from myCSUNglobe and Risk Management.  

Please note that the Essential Travel Application can take up to two (2) weeks to be processed. This is in addition to the usual processing timelines for international travel insurance applications: three (3) weeks for travels to non-high risk countries and eight (8) weeks to high-risk countries. 

To access myCSUNglobe please visit, https://mycsunglobe.edu. Essential Travel Application and Faculty/Staff International Travel Registration can both be found from the left menu as shown below:

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact Thuy Wong, TUC eTravel Analyst.  



Grace Slavik, Associate Director, Post Award